Lala Kent Reveals She Suffered A Blood Clot And Was Put On Bed Rest During Early Pregnancy

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Lala Kent shared “what her pregnancy looks like” on social media this week, giving her followers lots of inside details about her days spent on bed rest. 

The Vanderpump Rules personality shared a series of bullets on her Instagram Stories, a month after announcing that she and her fiancé, Randall Emmett were expecting their first child. Lala, who is expecting a baby girl, has been busy comparing her baby bump to other expectant moms and sharing about the unexpected setback.   

“I’ve been bump comparing which has made me spiral often, but my doctor has assured me, my baby girl is healthy and growing perfectly- that’s all that matters,” she wrote.

Pump Rules fans have noticed that Lala and Brittany Cartwright have very different physical profiles, despite their mutual April 2021 due dates. Lala’s pregnancy is barely visible, while Brittany’s belly is in full bloom. 

Lala Kent

Lala also has “bigger boobs which is awesome,” “bigger nipples which is not awesome,” and “hormonal blemishes everywhere [and] anywhere.”

Lala told her IG audience that she was placed on bed rest after doctors found a blood clot in her system. 

“I was put on bed rest early on in my pregnancy due to a blood clot. In that moment all I cared about was keeping that clot from affecting my baby. I had no problem doing absolutely nothing,” she revealed. 

The blood clot is now gone, but Lala noted that her suddenly sedentary lifestyle had impacted her figure. 

“Being a couch [potato] has turned my a** into a pancake. How could you leave me so quickly, booty!?” Lala quipped. 

Lala Kent

The reality star added that she was still “a warrior” despite the ongoing pregnancy hurdles.

“This is all very ‘unsexy’ sounding. But I’m creating a person… I’m a f*cking warrior queen,” she declared. 

Randall spilled the beans about his fiancée’s pregnancy cravings, clicking a snack snap of a bag of Sour Patch Kids and a pack of Pocky.

It is unclear when Vanderpump Rules will pick up production for Season 9.   



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