‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle, Robyn and Wendy Take Candiace’s Side After Fight With Monique!

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Welcome back to an all new episode of Real Housewives of Potomac — the one in which Baby Dean is included in a narrative that he never asked to be part of a.k.a. the RHOP post-brawl summit at Karen Huger’s house.

The episode opens with Candiace Dillard  claiming that she is still dealing with major trauma after the fight… so much so that she’s enlisted the help of her therapist – the same one that she called in when her mother laid hands on. Lest we never forget the handbag assault uncovered at the season four reunion.

Across town Monique Samuels is discussing the events of the altercation with her husband, Chris, before she decides to call Karen and set up a time to address all of the ladies, sans Candiace Dillard. Karen seems elated to oblige and host Monique’s apology tour. 

The day of said apology tour, Karen Huger calls Candiace Dillard to forewarn her that she’s hosting Monique and the rest of the ladies in an effort to give Monique a chance to clear the air. That goes over about as well as one can imagine. “I think that’s very gracious of you Karen to extend that much grace to Monique,” Candiace sneers. “I do have to say it does not sit well with me that you are extending this much grace to her,” she adds. 

To which Karen Huger responds: “That’s what I am. I am a grace under fire.” “Sure,” Candiace quips back.

The phone call abruptly ends just in time for Gizelle Bryant to ride in on her high horse her Mini Cooper with what I can only assume is a rented bodyguard, aptly dubbed KB, in tow. While I have no idea the exact cost for the Rent-a-Bodyguard service I can’t imagine it was cheap. I can’t help but feel like that money could’ve been better spent elsewhere… like an interior designer for her “cabin.” 

Upon opening the door, It’s obvious that Karen Huger is quite familiar with Gizelle’s hijinks as she casually looks back at Gizelle and asks “security?” and then promptly directs him to his very own seat. 

Before Monique Samuels arrives Karen opens the floor and explains that this meeting was designed to give the ladies a chance to hear Monique out. Gizelle is adamant that while she has no questions for Monique she certainly has some commentary. Well, alrighty then…

Ashley Darby arrives with a little bald man in tow. No not, her husband Michael. Her baby Dean. Ashley immediately comes to Monique’s defense and explains to the green-eyed bandits that she spoke with Monique on the phone prior and that Monique is not proud of her actions. Robyn immediately calls BS on that and references a tweet authored by Monique that says, “Ask, and you shall receive.” “She thinks it’s cute,” Robyn yells.

Wendy Osefo arrives next and luckily for everyone she doesn’t seem to mind baby Dean’s presence – this time, anyway. Maybe she’s simply too worried about how she plans to take down Monique with her words to worry about baby Dean’s presence.

Before Monique arrives, Wendy brings up the blogs and Robyn is adamant that either Monique or someone from her camp was to blame for the internet frenzy regarding the altercation as all of the articles were very one-sided.

Gizelle Bryant, Robyn and Wendy seize the moment to pile on Monique, almost as if to say that Monique is singlehandedly responsible for the disgusting and ignorant stereotype that all black woman are “angry” and “violent.” 

 “We have been able to uphold ourselves above the stereotype and in five minutes she took it away. That’s not okay,” Gizelle says. 

“This is an awful role model for black women, her daughter…” Robyn piles on.

In a moment of irony, Ashley appears to be the voice of reason when she asks, “do we hold men to the same standard?” The answer is no, young grasshopper.

Cut to Candiace Dillard arriving at her therapist’s office/house??? TBH, I’m not sure if that’s a commercial space or not? Is the guy even licensed to practice? Who really knows? Candiace launches into her version of the events, folded tissue and all. In between dabbing the corner of her eyes filled with crocodile tears, she explains how the altercation began. 

Meanwhile, back at the Huger residence, Monique Samuels finally arrives and enters the room with the jury of women waiting on her. Monique floats in all smiles as she thanks Karen for having her and hosting this pow-wow of sorts. She immediately launches into a soliloquy. “What y’all saw is not who I am,” she says as she chokes back tears. “Not only am I embarrassed, I’m ashamed of myself for my actions — for ever letting anyone get under my skin to the point that I would react that way. That’s not me.” Monique adds. Cue the almost audible eyerolls from the green-eyed bandits. She then apologizes to the ladies for putting them anywhere near harm’s way. Gizelle then pulls out her phone, claiming she’s taking notes. 

“Well we can be self-righteous and be on our high horses if we want to,” Monique says.

“This is not self-righteous or high horse. I’m taking notes so that I can discuss the things that  you’ve said,” Gizelle quips back.

Monique Samuels goes on to say that she doesn’t remember the details of the fight because she blacked out and only as the days have passed has she started to remember bits and pieces of the altercation. She also says that after the altercation her adrenaline was still pumping and that’s why she ran back around the barn for more.

When the floor is finally opened up to the ladies, Robyn goes first. “So… a few things. You almost had me,” she starts off. She then proceeds to claim that Monique’s account of things was BS. She points out that Monique had red wine and Candiace had white wine, and there was only red wine on Monique’s face. Who knew the color of wine would be so integral in this trial?!

She then goes on to accuse Monique Samuels of leaking the details of the altercation to the blogs. Monique, however is adamant that she did not leak anything to the blogs but does admit that the tweet was indeed about Candiace. 

Cut back to Candiace Dillard claiming to her therapist that she’s being “pummeled” on Twitter. Much like the same way, Ashley was “pummeled” by Candiace’s mean-spirited tweets while she was giving birth to her son in the hospital, I suppose. She then says that she loved who she thought Monique was, but not anymore.

The therapist asks Candiace Dillard if she feels that she did anything to contribute the altercation or the demise of their friendship. Candiace is adamant, however that she did nothing. “Nothing that I did to her warranted what she did to me. Nothing.” Hmm… not even allegedly perpetuating a rumor with an ex-housewife that Monique’s youngest son is not her husband’s child? Or allegedly entertaining the idea Monique has stepped outside of her marriage and been unfaithful to her husband with her personal trainer? 

She then closes the therapy session saying that if she could say anything to Monique she would opt to say “nothing,” instead. DUN DUN DUN.

Back at the Grand Dame’s house Monique is still being called to the carpet by the green-eyed bandits and their new plus one, Wendy. Ashley, however, remains steadfast in Monique’s corner offering her support. “As her friends, I think it’s important that we try and help her,” she says in her confessional.

Gizelle then takes the floor and launches into a tirade, reminding Monique of her all past transgressions. Karen rushes to Monique’s defense and admits that while Monique made a terrible mistake, she has no intention of dropping her as friend now. Monique then discloses to the group that she has plans to meet with her pastor and get some things figured out.

Gizelle Bryant appears to have had enough and makes a dramatic exit but not before leaving some parting words. “I have zero respect for you. You are a liability. I, by no means, want to be anywhere near you.” YIKES. Later in her confessional, however, she makes the statement that both she and her ex-husband turned new boyfriend, Pastor Jamal Bryant both have images to uphold. “Do me and Jamal – a pastor – have an image to protect? !00%. So hanging around someone who decides to fight women on national television — is that a good look?nNO.” NOW THAT IS RICH. If Jamal weren’t the father of several children, with several baby mamas she might have a point. But since being privy to the hot mic debacle with Gizelle’s Papa Bear, I’m simply not buying the holier than thou bit. Thanks anyway, Gizelle.

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Once Gizelle Bryant exits stage left, Monique doubles down and admits that she has no plans to apologize to Candiace and she currently has zero remorse regarding the incident. 

But apparently this is only the beginning. At the end of the episode we’re teased with a preview and an ominous voiceover by Wendy. “The fight between Candiace and Monique was an atomic bomb; it lit fires in pockets of friendships, and it’s like… who is your alliance to?”

Tune in next week as the drama inevitably continues!


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