‘Below Deck’ Malia White Addresses Breakup & Captain Sandy Yawn Saying She’s Gay!

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Malia White

Malia White took to Instagram on Tuesday to speak out about her breakup from Tom Checketts and to address Captain Sandy Yawn’s recent suggestion that the couple split because the Below Deck Mediterranean bosun is gay.

Captain Sandy, who is gay, alleged on Cameo that the crew suspected that Malia’s sexual orientation was behind the breakup.  

Malia White set the record straight on IG, confirming the breakup from Checketts, who joined the crew as the new yacht chef, midway through the current Below Deck Med season. The Bravo bosun also expressed shock over Captain Sandy’s cameo comments about her sexuality. 

“Hey guys, it’s Malia. My personal life seems to be quite the topic at the moment. I am not on Twitter, I don’t do a lot of Instagram Lives, so I thought that I would send out a message in my own words. So, first off, yes, Tom and I have split. The details surrounding all of it, I am trying to keep a little private, just out of respect to him and I. But yes, I am single,” Malia began.

“Second, Captain Sandy’s Cameo — I was just as shocked as everyone else. I’m not sure why my sexual orientation is being discussed in Cameos. First off, if I was gay, I would just like to say it should be my decision when and if to out it to the entire internet,” she continued. “But no, I’m not, but if I was, I would be openly proud to be gay. I’m a huge supporter of the community and, yeah, I’ll just leave it at that.”

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Malia White addressed being on the receiving end of negative fan feedback, in the second part of her post. Fans have blamed Malia for the dismissal of longtime chief stewardess/ cast member Hannah Ferrier. Malia turned Hannah in after discovering that she had unregistered meds on board, which led to Captain Sandy taking action. Some viewers believed that Malia was seeking payback, after Hannah shot down her request to swap bunks so she could share a cabin with Checketts. 

“Throughout the years, you guys have watched me fall in love, fall out of love. You see my relationships, you’ve watched my career happen. You’ve been introduced to members of my family. You’ve seen a lot of my personal side. Some of the good, a lot of the bad,” Malia said in the post. “You know, I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I am only human and I don’t think I’ve been as vocal on social media as some people want me to be, or expect me to be. To that, you know, I just want to say, I’m really sorry if I have disappointed anyone with my actions or, you know, whatever else it may be.”

“But I am learning, from a personal standpoint and professional, this is all new to me and I can only hope to grow from each and every experience,” she added. “Bear with me, please. I am listening and I appreciate the feedback, even if you don’t hear from [me]. I hope this clears the air. Thanks for listening.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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