Camille Grammer & Kyle Richards Fight Over Teddi Mellencamp’s Starvation Scam Diet Program!

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Kyle Richards

Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards feud exploded on Twitter after Camille attacked Teddi Mellencamp’s “ALL IN By Teddi” weight loss program.

Camille Grammer loves to tell it like it is — and while the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum only briefly appeared in Season 10 — that didn’t stop her from sparring  with Kyle Richards on social media.

The Twitter beef kicked off on Tuesday, the day before the reunion series wrapped. 

“@BravoTV @Andy your girl Teddi is getting exposed on Instagram for her scam starvation company. Having women starve themselves by eating 500 calories a day is unethical. If she needs a storyline next season, holding her accountable for this is a good option. #RHOBH,” @Housewiveslie tweeted at Bravo bigwig, Andy Cohen. 

Camille Grammer hopped into the “ALL IN” controversy, tweeting “It’s suspect.” 

Kyle Richards fired back, accusing Camille of creating drama to win back a spot on the RHOBH cast. 

Camille Grammer clapped back, producing text evidence supporting her claim that she had made the decision to exit the show and had turned down an opportunity to film with Kyle. 

Camille Grammer also called out Kyle Richards’ filmed assertion that Brandi Glanville never lies, amid the controversy surrounding the RHOBH alum’s alleged tryst with Denise Richards. Kyle dodged the question. 

When a couple of fans requested that the duo take their Twitter venom into Season 11, Kyle remarked that Camille had been officially cut from the narrative. 

Meanwhile, Teddi Mellencamp continues to face backlash, after ALL IN clients anonymously slammed the pricey and seemingly extreme weight loss program.  

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.  


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