Teddi Mellencamp’s Business Accused of Promoting Eating Disorders & Dangerous Diets!

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Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi Mellencamp’s “ALL IN” accountability program is getting blasted on social media, as Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills winds down.

Teddi Mellencamp has credited the system for maintaining her own weight loss, and the Bravo show featured one of the program’s retreats earlier in the season, the four day getaway costing participants about $3899.00.    

The pricey program is outlined in four parts on the company’s website — Jump Start, Monthly, Weight & Workout and Maintenance — and clients are beginning to speak out against the fitness/diet/accountability formula. Instagram user, Emily Gellis Lande, has been documenting anonymous complaints shared by Teddi’s clients, who were reportedly required to sign NDAs before becoming members of “ALL IN.”

One complaint reads, “I did this program and it was a nightmare. You have to send photos of your weight and each meal and proof of your 60 minute cardio workout every day. You cannot drink alcohol or you are immediately dropped from the program with no refund. I calculated the calories to be 400-500 a day. It was insane. I did it for a few days and could feel myself slipping into obsessive/ disordered eating so I had to stop and was out $700. I would text my “accountability coaches” that I was starving and they would just tell me to drink more water.” 

Another person was allegedly dropped from the program after indulging in a burger minus the bun on a first date, which Teddi Mellencamp supposedly assessed as abandoning the program for a man. Read leaked messages between Teddi and the client below.

Teddi Mellencamp

On Tuesday, Teddi Mellencamp offered a weak response to the client criticism on Instagram.

“For one, I wanted to say I love All In. I am so incredibly proud of the over 15,000 lives we have helped changed,” Teddi said in the shared video. “I 100 percent feel confident in the fact that we let you know before signing up exactly what the program entails. If it’s something that you want to do and you want us to hold you accountable to your goals, we are there to do that for you. If it’s not something you want to sign up for, you don’t. That’s why I love that we are very transparent from the beginning.”

“We believe in you. We will fight for you, and we know that the best is yet to come,” she added.

Press play below to watch.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will wrap Season 10, Wednesday at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 



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