‘RHOBH’ Reunion Watch Party: Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards Face Off Over Threesome Drama!

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Denise Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion will be a dramatic showdown between Denise Richards and her costars — resulting in the Bond Girl storming off the virtual set.

The cast gets into a heated discussion while rehashing the Brandi Glanville/Denise Richards affair rumor, prompting the walk-off.  

Denise Richards labels the cast “vicious” and “mean,” but Lisa Rinna isn’t having it. Rinna orders Denise to “f**king shut up” and calls her a liar.  

“Are you threatening me?” Lisa Rinna asks at one point. 

”If you want to play this game, we can do it,” Denise Richards responds. 

“I want to ask Erika about a comment she made on the show,” Andy Cohen says. “People were very upset by, on social media, when you said that perhaps Denise’s daughters already knew something…”

Host Andy Cohen is referencing when Denise Richards chastised her co-stars previouisly for talking about threesomes during a barbecue where her teenage daughters were present and overheard their conversation.

“I think if your 14-year-old daughter is asking you ‘Mom, what is a threesome?’ or ‘Why were you guys talking about that?'” Dort Kemsley says in a flashback clip and Erika responds, “They already know if they haven’t had one already.”

In reply to Andy’s question, Erika defends herself in the preview saying, “That comment was about teenagers and not about her daughters. And it is true, teenagers have sex. They have gay sex, straight sex, threesomes. That’s what’s happening. Stop the false outrage.”

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley will also have it out, after being on thin ice all season. 

“You’ve been coming for me all season, Dorit!” Kyle says. ”You wanted to take credit for my fashion show.”

Press play below to watch.


The three-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion begins Wednesday, September 2nd.


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