‘RHOP’ RECAP: Gizelle’s Girls Know Daddy’s Been Sleeping With The Congregation & Don’t Trust Him!

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac — the one where The Grand Dame finally gets her pizza. Let’s get started!

The episode opens with Gizelle Bryant taking a dance class with her oldest daughter, Grace, while simultaneously trying to get to the root of her daughter’s issue with their nuclear family getting back together. In between lots of eye-rolling and attitude, Grace admits in a roundabout way that she’s “annoyed” not with her mom, not with her dad, but with them together. Ding, ding, ding!

Meanwhile, Karen Huger and her assistant Matt are hard at work in party planning mode for Karen’s upcoming housewarming party. Enter Chris,  the royal singing telegram. Karen has opted to send out video invitations with the singing telegram serenading The Grand  Dame while she is perched on her throne. Good times.

Karen Huger

Across town, Wendy Osefo and Robyn Dixon meet at a park with their boys in tow for an afternoon of horseplay and defying open container laws. As the ladies sip on bottles of booze that Robyn smuggled in, the subject of Candiace Dillard rears its ugly head. Wendy casually informs Robyn that Candiace told her that Gizelle was shady and referred to her as the “Gizelle Monster.” Jot that down on the long, growing list of things Candiace needs to atone for.

It appears that hell has indeed frozen over when Ashley Darby rolls into a cafe with a very large stroller and baby Dean in tow to meet Candiace Dillard  for lunch. Candiace starts out thanking Ashley for being there for her at the Sip and See party but the conversation quickly goes left when Ashley calls her out for the vicious tweets while she was giving birth. The ladies start squawking at one another but baby Dean quickly puts the kibosh on that when he starts doing some squealing of his own. Candiace finally delivers some semblance of an apology and the ladies resolve to move forward.

Candiace Dillard

The conversation quickly moves on to Monique Samuels — and Candiace Dillard is adamant that she had no idea Monique would be so upset about Charisse coming to her anniversary party or she never would’ve invited her. According to Candiace, she has zero idea why Monique and Charisse Jordan Jackson fell out in the first place. Sure, Jan.

Gizelle Bryant calls up the other Green-Eyed Bandit Robyn to discuss Karen’s invitation for her housewarming party and Robyn immediately divulges that Candiace referred to her as a monster. Game, set, match.

Gizelle Bryant

We’re then privy to a date night with Monique Samuels and her husband Chris that consists of the, drinking a glass of wine at home while the eldest two children are in bed and the baby entertains himself in the bouncy seat next to them. 

In between sips of wine and bouncing the baby with her left foot, Monique Samuels voices her concerns over the fact that Chris no longer treats her to real date nights and instead leaves all of the planning up to her. Chris matter of factly responds that if he plans a date night then he plans to engage in something else after said date and that she needn’t be too tired to participate. 

The next day, Candiace Dillard and her husband Chris enjoy a picnic as she continues to perpetuate a tired storyline for herself as to whether or not she’s ready for a baby. Spoiler alert: she’s not.

Gizelle Bryant invites her hairdresser Kal (yes, the Kal who got thrown out of Charisse Jordan Jackson’s house during season one) over to revive one of her wigs and probably her soul as well. She explains to Kal that her daughters are feeling some type of way about her and Jamal reconnecting.

Kal delivers some sound advice when he explains to Gizelle that she can’t expect her daughters to immediately be on board with their mother rekindling a romance with their Papa Bear aka the Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater. “The girls have been conditioned to believe that, ‘maybe my dad isn’t trustworthy,’ and I think at their age, they have a right to feel that way.” Preach, Kal, preach!

The party wraps with Karen Huger channeling Beyonce’s Formation in a fabulous pink pant suit and pink hat. She greets her guests as they arrive with Ray beside her side. Robyn arrives with pizzas to poke fun as a throwback prank from seasons ago, Gizelle Bryant arrives in a wig that Kal revived, and Candiace arrives ready to make amends. Right out of the gate, Gizelle and Candiace go toe-to-toe.

Karen Huger

Candiace initially asks to speak with Gizelle privately so she can offer up a rare apology for referring to Gizelle’s new home as a “cabin” on Twitter, but is left dumbfounded when she’s called to task for referring to Gizelle as a monster. “I did not intend to be messy, so if that upset you, I apologize for that,” Candiace tells Gizelle.

Candiace Dillard

But Gizelle isn’t interested in an apology, she wants to know why Candiace described her as a monster to Wendy. “I may have said that,” Candiace replies, and Gizelle believes that she meant it maliciously. “I believe that you meant to be mean and nasty, and you thought it was funny, and it’s not,” Gizelle snipes. The ladies resolve to keep their relationship where it’s at… “on the surface.” Good riddance.

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