’90 Day Fiance’ Paul Staehle Claims Wife Karine Martins Laced His Food With Broken Glass!

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Paul Staehle

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star, Paul Staehle, dropped shockers about his estranged wife, Karine Martins, while filing for a protective order against his Brazilian bride. 

“I previously found glass in my food,” Paul Staehle, 37, alleged in court documents. “I found similar glass shards from an item she broke.”

Paul Staehle alleged days later that Karine’s “friends have been calling me threatening to come to my home and kill me. They requested I pay them $10,000 or I would never see my son again.” 

The TLC personality also claimed that Karine allowed their son, Pierre, 16 months, “to run in the street [and] get into chemical cabinets.” He added that Karine “assaulted me,” and that a security camera captured the incident and would “prove my innocence.” 

“I fear for my wife’s safety and mental well-being. I fear for my son’s safety,” Paul concluded. 

A judge ordered Karine to cut off communication and stay 500 feet away from her husband. 

The TLC couple married in 2017, the early days of their in-person romance chronicled on the popular reality series. The duo made headlines in July after Paul reported Karine and his young son missing, after an altercation. 

Karine took off with Pierre and I don’t know where they are,” Paul said in an Instagram Story. 

Karine Martins accused Paul of forbidding her to leave their home and of sexual assault, and Paul revealed that his wife had filed a “full restraining order” against him. She later confirmed that she and Pierre were fine. 

Paul Staehle addressed the domestic chaos earlier this month, denying the assault allegation. 

“It truly breaks my heart it has come to this,” Paul wrote on his Instagram Story. “I have bent over backwards. I found work. Got a new home. A new car. Let her buy anything she wanted. I did the cooking cleaning laundry and took care of Pierre.”

Paul Staehle implied that his wife was pregnant, while noting that he had “made motions to the court for Karine to get mental help.”  

“Her motion against me with false allegations is for a 3 year restraining order against me and both my children. Alimony and child support,” he alleged. “But I cannot see her or my children at all.”

Press play below to find out more drama involving Paul Staehle and Karine Martins.

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