RECAP: Denise Richards & Garcelle Beauvais Team Up To Shut Down ‘RHOBH’ Mean Girls In Rome!

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — the one where Denise Richards finally stands up for herself and calls the ladies out for being “mean girls.” Let’s get started, shall we?

The episode picks back up where it left off with the ladies sitting around a dinner table, pretending to eat pasta while arguing back and forth about whether or not Denise Richards is telling the truth. Teddi Mellencamp does what does best and attempts to ‘go all in’ about Denise’s friendship with Brandi Glanville.

Denise Richards

Things get especially contentious when Denise’s “friend” Lisa Rinna starts seething with anger and bellows across the table that Denise has “chosen to be here” AKA on the show and she either needs to own it or LEAVE. Denise is adamant that she never said those awful things about the ladies that Brandi accused her of, even going as far as swearing on her mother’s grave. According to Denise, it was Brandi that said all of those things. Later, however, in her talking head interview, she lets it slip that she might have agreed with the things Brandi said and that as far as Teddi was concerned the things she actually did say about Teddi were much worse than what Brandi told the ladies she said.

Lisa Rinna

The ladies continue to rake Denise Richards over the coals for so long that they have to abruptly exit the dinner table so the management can flip the restaurant into a nightclub. At first, the ladies resolve to stay and have a drink but things go from bad to worse when Garcelle Beauvais casually brings up whether or not Lisa thinks her racy Instagram dancing has anything to do with her daughter’s eating disorder. Lisa remains strong at first but is quickly reduced to tears. Meanwhile, Denise is off in the corner licking her own wounds and wiping tears off of her face as well. The ladies then decide it’s probably best to 86 the drink order and head back to their respective rooms. Good riddance.

Garcelle Beauvais

The next morning, Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Girardi enjoy a spa day while Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke make plans to go to mass. Meanwhile, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley are nursing a hangover the size of those clod-hopping rain boots Sutton had bedazzled for everyone. And for the real fireworks show, Denise and Lisa engage in a showdown of epic-sized proportion in the middle of the hotel lobby machine beside the cappuccino machine.

Denise proceeds to call Lisa out for not having her back and being a bad friend. Shortly thereafter Lisa turns on the crocodile tears and appears to do a turn-about-face as she says she hasn’t been acting like herself lately and for that, she feels bad. She also expresses serious regret over not sending Denise a text and warning her about the ambush coming her way. And there we have it folks. Even Lisa is willing to admit that this entire storyline was concocted to knock Denise down a few notches.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards admits that she is hurt but seems willing to move forward with their friendship and even takes it one step further when she invites Lisa Rinna to come to mass with them. Lisa jokes that she needs church but I have a feeling viewers weren’t so much as laughing at the punchline but rather nodding their heads vigorously. Unfortunately, there was a two-hour wait and the ladies never actually got to attend said mass. Oh well. Maybe they can squeeze Lisa in for an exorcism on another day.

Lisa Rinna

Across town, the good time gals AKA Kyle Richards and Dorit are cruising around town in mini side cars driven by little Italian men in between fits of laughter so hard they can’t breathe and lose all control of their bodily functions. Dorit admits in her talking head that times like these almost make up for all of the bad times she’s endured with Kyle. Almost…


After ditching the ladies and Vespa/sidecar riding and opting to go to church with Denise instead, Lisa finally shows up to lunch where Kyle Richards and Dorit are waiting for her. She explains that she and Denise had a little pow-wow in the hotel lobby. Lisa admits that she was way too tough on Denise at dinner the evening prior. She says she’s now taking a look inward about how to be a better friend. As Lisa explains her newfound stance in the drama, you can practically see Kyle’s wheels turning as she tries to figure out how she can entice Lisa back to the dark side. If Lisa decides to quit the shenanigans who will she get to her dirty work???

Later that evening the ladies get all dressed up for their last dinner in Italy. The last supper, if you will. While Dorit, Erika, and Sutton are holed up in their rooms getting full glam, the rest of the ladies are left to rough it and do their own makeup and hair.

Erika, Denise, Garcelle, and Teddi arrive at the restaurant first, with Kyle, Dorit, Lisa, and Sutton bringing up the rear. Once the ladies sit down, Denise wastes zero time and goes OFF. “To be brutally honest, there is so much judgment in this group, every fucking dinner I’ve been on the receiving end of being attacked. And that is not fucking cool,” she declares. She then proceeds to refer to the group as “mean girls.” SHOTS FIRED. I REPEAT. SHOTS FIRED.

Denise Richards

As one can imagine, the ladies don’t respond well to being called “mean girls,” and after some pushback, Denise Richards gets up and makes a dramatic exit. But not so fast. Waiting in the wings is one of the show’s producers who manages to convince her that she can’t abruptly leave after saying her piece. She eventually relents and heads back to the table just as the ladies are discussing her premature departure. They thank her for returning and it appears for a brief moment in time all is right in the Housewives world.

Kyle Richards

The ladies kiki over the wildest places they have done the dirty and Sutton Stracke does the most Sutton thing ever when she asks if she can recount the most romantic place instead. Insert eye roll here.

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But as we all know the highly manufactured storyline is far from over. Tune in next week as the drama continues!


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