Garcelle Beauvais Responds To Backlash After Saying Lisa Rinna’s ‘Nearly Naked’ Videos Harmed Lisa’s Daughter’s ‘Body Issues’

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Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais threw shade at Lisa Rinna’s Instagram hustle on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills— noting that her scantily-clad dances might not be the healthiest visuals for her daughter. 

Lisa Rinna’s social media strut was brought up during a group discussion about body image during a cast trip to Rome, after Sutton Stracke became upset in a dressing room, over a minor weight gain. Kyle Richards asked Rinna what her mother, Lois, thought “about the dancing on the Instagram in your underwear.”


Lisa Rinna’s followers know that the reality star is never shy about cutting loose in her underwear or a bikini, on any given day. 

“I do a lot of stuff on Instagram because Lois watches Instagram, she sees everything,” Lisa Rinna responded. “Even though I know I’m being ridiculous, I always know she gets to see everything and the girls, I think it really is great for her.”


Garcelle Beauvais weighed in on her co-star’s comments in a confessional spot. 

“I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing, but the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me, if I had a daughter that had body issues,” she said.

Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, revealed her battle with anorexia in 2018, posting two photos, the images snapped one year apart. Amelia explained that in the first photo she was “not okay,” both physically and mentally, and the second reflected a desire to “figure out” her body and fully “love” herself. In July, Amelia shared that her mom had “encouraged” her to share her story on RHOBH. 

Lisa Rinna has yet to sound off on Garcelle’s comment — but Garcelle Beauvais revealed that she was not on good terms with the QVC queen after the reunion taping. She confirmed that she had unfollowed Rinna on social media during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. 

Garcelle Beauvais implied that she didn’t agree with Rinna’s behavior toward Denise Richards commenting — “I just felt like she was, the stakes were too high for something that really was between Denise and her husband. It just seemed too much for me.”

After making her comments about Lisa Rinna almost-naked dance moves harming her daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin — Garcelle responded to criticism from a fan.

“Horrible comment about [Lisa Rinna]. And her daughter. Say it to their face,” the first fan wrote. “I did,” Garcelle replied.

Garcelle Beauvais

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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