Lisa Vanderpump Vindicated Amid Scandalous ‘RHOBH’ Season!

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Lisa Vanderpump

Fans have been slamming Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  — and some are even sounding off in support RHOBH alum, Lisa Vanderpump, as the messy drama plays out. 

Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville are embroiled in she-said-she-said drama, and annoyed fans have been slamming the cast as mean girls. Viewers took to Reddit to sound off about the show’s pattern — and to sympathize with Lisa Vanderpump’s past plight with cast backbiters.  

One viewer pointed to Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna as the true villains, vindicating Lisa’s past behavior on the Bravo series. 

“These women are pure evil and used LVP as their scapegoat when in reality Kyle and Rinna are to blame,” the viewer wrote. “This season has 100% vindicated LVP. She wasn’t on the show to bring up malicious rumors about Denise’s family, yet this still happened. She wasn’t on to solicit Brandi to spread a life-altering storyline, yet this still happened. She also wasn’t on to target one woman (which has been herself for years) to viciously attack all through filming.”

Another fan agreed that the RHOBH ladies orchestrate mean-girl drama, strategically plotting who to take out. Viewers know that many in the cast have been coming for Denise Richards, after Brandi claimed that she had hooked up with the actress in a Northern California hotel. 

Denise Richards

Some fans have had enough of the show’s rinse and repeat formula. 

LVP is vindicated. The whole cast orchestrates behind the scenes and decides who to pick on. This is the reality of the show. It is getting old and tired,” noted the Reddit user. 

Many viewers appear over the cutthroat take-downs, and some believe that a lack of cast chemistry might play a part in the show’s tribal shift. 

“This current cast is not jiving together. There is no chemistry with these women (except for Denise and Garcelle). We are not identifying with any of these women or having fun watching. It has jumped the shark,” one fan wrote.  

“They aren’t really friends, like NY, OC, or Potomac. So, their own commonality is the gang up storyline. If I was Denise, I would run and not look back. She doesn’t need RHOBH, some of these other women do,” another opined. 

What do you think of Season 10, and does the current cast’s behavior shed new light on Lisa Vanderpump’s exit from the series? 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesday nights, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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