‘Married to Medicine’ Heavenly Kimes Breaks Down in Tears Over Ruining Her Friendship With Dr. Simone!

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Married to Medicine

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is desperate to “fix” her broken relationship with her Married To Medicine co-star, Dr. Simone Whitmore. 

Fans will remember that Heavenly Kimes clashed with Dr. Simone Whitmore’s husband, Cecil Whitmore, after Cecil poked fun at Mariah Huq  ordering Heavenly to pressure wash her house.

Heavenly Kimes clapped back at Cecil, writing that he needed a job. Simone was infuriated, and accused Heavenly of weaponizing something that they had discussed in private. The ladies hashed out their beef during the reunion series, but their relationship remains broken.  

Heavenly Kimes recently addressed their battered friendship on YouTube — opening up to Funky Dineva, who noted that she may have disrupted the friendship between Simone and Dr. Jackie Walters. 

“I miss our relationship. And you’re right. If I did, I feel so bad about it. I promise to God, I’ma do everything I can to make it right because right is right, wrong is wrong,” Heavenly said. “And when I love, I love hard. I really just do. And Simone was my friend. We spent the night together. I talk to her every day. Every day on the phone and I could say I don’t care but I’d be lying.”

Heavenly Kimes admitted that she regretted coming for Cecil. 

“I know I got to put more effort because I think it’s my f*cking mouth that got me in this trouble. I didn’t have to say nothing. Cecil on talked about every d*mn body,” she said.

Heavenly added, “I should have not said anything. You don’t know what people going through. You don’t know. Damon told me I shouldn’t have said anything. I shouldn’t have said anything.” 

 “I’ma fix it,” Heavenly promised. 

In other Married To Medicine news — Mariah Huq recently spoke out in an exclusive interview about unfair treatment from Purveyors of Pop (the production company that produces Married To Medicine) — most notably in comparison to her white Bravo counterparts. 

Press play below to watch Mariah Huq spill all the tea.

Production on season 8 of Married To Medicine has been delayed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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