RECAP: MJ Breaks Down and Declares She’s ‘Done’ With Reza On ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Reunion!

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Shahs of Sunset

The second part of the Shahs of Sunset  reunion promises lots of drama. So, let’s jump right in!

We’re still in the middle of discussing Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s role in Ali’s complaints regarding Adam. Reza Farahan’s husband had been sending dick pics and sexually explicit texts to Ali and many other friends. And then there was that infamous naked Jenga situation when Reza was out of town. MJ now defends herself against allegations that she put Ali up to outing Adam because of a contract negotiation snafu.

Destiney Rose has the tea. As she starts to spill, MJ gets up for a third time and stalks away from the camera. According to Des, when MJ was in the hospital, Des reached out to her. MJ refused to talk until they were on camera. As Destiney continues, MJ wanders back to her chair.

Destiney says Ali swore up and down that MJ was behind him putting these accusations on film. Nema Zand says if that’s Ali’s story — and everyone believes him — should they believe him when he says Destiney played her own role in the drama. Nope, Destiney says. Ali’s lying about her part int this, but he wasn’t lying earlier about MJ’s role. Okay, then.

Shahs of Sunset

Personally, I’m tired of this storyline. I know it led to most of the drama this season, but whether MJ or Destiney or both of them encouraged Ali to bring the story of Adam’s inappropriate texts to light, isn’t it still Adam’s fault for sending dick pics in the first place? Yes. Yes, it is.

MJ denies putting Destiney up to the naked Jenga allegations. She says it was all Ali and Des’s idea, not hers. She hadn’t signed her contract, so why would she care? She told Reza and Adam that Ali had an issue with them, but they didn’t listen. Reza swears that’s not true. She never said a word about Ali to them. 

MJ sets the story straight. Ali told her he had an ax to grind. When she told Reza and Adam, they shrugged it off. Andy Cohen asks if MJ was angry that Reza signed his contract when she didn’t. Was he breaking ranks and betraying her by filming? She says no. She felt no animosity. She wasn’t out for payback.

Reza Farahan insists MJ was angry they were filming without her. He says everyone was vibing and things were great without MJ’s presence. MJ maintains Reza would never say this stuff to her face. But because this is a Zoom reunion (a zoomion, if you will), he’s gotten ballsy. 

Reza  keeps getting up from his seat, too. He’s gone off camera several times, and this time he comes back with a bottle of beer. He says he loves MJ and wishes her well, but he wants her to tell the truth.

Now, we get into Reza’s marriage. Are he and Adam in a monogamous relationship? They hold hands as Andy asks the question. When Adam tries to answer, Reza shakes Adam’s hand and basically tells him to shut it. Reza will field this one, thank you. He tells Andy he has no relationship problems. His only problem is MJ and her lies about bathhouses and other rumors. Where are the photos? MJ angrily gets up and then comes back yet again.

Andy Cohen points out that a couple of seasons ago, Reza forced Mike Shouhed to admit he cheated on then wife, Jessica. Isn’t Reza being a hypocrite by denying the truth about his own marriage? Mike claims Reza, Adam, and MJ are all at fault and need to own their part in this debacle. And if Reza has an open relationship, that’s up to him to admit it.

Shahs of Sunset

When Destiney first brought up naked Jenga, Reza didn’t deny the accusations. He didn’t defend Adam. He said he’d get to the bottom of it and thanked Destiney for the information. So, did Reza know Adam regularly sends his dick pics around to all their friends? Reza says this is old bullshit. If MJ wants to apologize, he’ll forgive her and take her back.

Adam butts in and promises he’s never cheated on Reza. Never ever!

We see a flashback of Ali and Reza facing off. The words “sexually harassed” seemed to enrage Reza. Reza said his hairdresser had already spilled the tea on Ali’s receipts and MJ’s role in the drama. If that’s true, why did he get so angry and attack Ali, throwing water in his face and shoving his chair in the middle of the restaurant?

Adam finally admits he never should have sent inappropriate texts. The rest of the cast applauds.

So, why did Reza fly off the handle with Ali? Because MJ put Ali up to it, of course. At least that’s the excuse Reza is trying to sell.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid shoves her face in the camera and reminds us that she was in the hospital having life-saving surgery at the time this happened. And then she calls Reza a piece of shit. Because she’s classy like that.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza says Adam’s texts didn’t bother him. The dick pics weren’t a surprise. But Ali accusing Adam of sexual harassment was a step too far!

MJ claims the sexual harassment thing surprised her, too. She knew Adam and Ali had beef, but it wasn’t about sexual harassment. We see the flashback where Ali says he had to improvise when he threw MJ under the bus, saying she was concerned about Reza’s marriage. Improvise?! Adam thanks MJ for backing him up and refusing to entertain the sexual harassment claims. 

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi has had enough by this point. MJ needs to hurry up. And why is Andy making everyone shut up so MJ can have the floor? How is that fair?

Andy wants to know why Reza called MJ while she was in the hospital, recovering from surgery? MJ leaves again. And now she’s back. GG is eating something from a takeout container. Even the rest of the cast is over this.

Finally, Andy asks everyone but Reza, MJ, and Mike to step away from the camera. He wants Mike to mediate between the two old friends.

Reza says MJ didn’t want visitors when she was in the hospital. MJ says he’s lying. Reza accuses her of trying to make him look bad. She urges him to tell the truth.

MJ thinks her friends should have been there for her and especially her husband, Tommy. She believes Reza didn’t show up in person because it wasn’t on film. She points out, screaming, that he didn’t even care that she was close to death. She lost her ability to give birth. She lost pints and pints of blood. Instead of feeling sympathy, Reza walks off camera and says she’s being crazy. 

MJ’s done. She washes her hands of her friendship with Reza.

Mike says Reza didn’t want camera time. Tommy said she couldn’t have visitors. Reza points out MJ had a People magazine deal for first pics of baby Shams. Was her refusal of visitors because of publicity? MJ says it’s all a lie.

Reza loves MJ and tells her so. She doesn’t believe him. She brings up past accusations from season two, when he accused her of robbing a bank. But why was she still buds with him if he’s such a dirty liar? 

Shahs of Sunset

Andy discusses the pool party from earlier this season, where Reza said MJ’s surgery as due to her ten abortions. Reza now wishes he’d kept his mouth closed. Andy calls Reza out for putting all of MJ’s medical information on Insta. He’s not sorry about that. They were shooting a show and all info is fair game. 

There’s a lot of he said/she said. Reza finally blocked MJ, but the timing is in question. Ugh!

Mike begs both of them to forgive and make up. Why did MJ put rumors out there that a Persian, gay man has an open relationship? It was harmful! But just as Reza is thanking Mike for his support, Mike lays out his problems with Reza. He needs to apologize to MJ and keep apologizing, because what he did to MJ was wrong.

Mike reminds MJ that he and Reza and Adam showed up when her dad was dying in the hospital. They held her hand. They were there for her in her toughest time.

MJ slams Reza for not believing her, for not giving her the benefit of the doubt. He still thinks she compromised his marriage and their friendship. For that mistrust, she can’t forgive him. It’s over.

Andy doesn’t make any headway with these two, so he shows a clip of their good times. Reza smiles and comments on the flashbacks. Then Andy asks what each miss about the other.

Reza finally tears up and wants his old friend to admit her sins. MJ misses everything about Reza. (Really? Because these two seem toxic for each other.)

Shahs of Sunset

Vida steps into the camera frame. She throws out a few old Persian sayings and ultimately wants them to kiss and make up.

Four weeks later, MJ facetimes Reza. He’s been in a daze since the reunion. She agrees. Reza confesses that he can’t communicate well with her. She doesn’t always understand where he’s coming from. He believes she shuts him down and no longer has time for him. 

MJ’s relationship with Reza is one of the most important in her life. Reza is heartbroken that he hasn’t seen baby Shams. He’s closer to GG’s baby than her son, which is a surprise to everyone. She thinks if they can forget their differences, they can start over. But Reza can’t act like nothing happened. They need a new take on their friendship or it won’t work. But they say goodbye in a better place.

So, kids. What do you think of part two of the Shahs of Sunset reunion? Will they reignite their friendship? Should they? 


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