RECAP: MJ Walks Off After Heated Confrontation With Reza On ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Reunion!

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The Shahs of Sunset reunion is late. But you know what they say, better late than pregnant. So here we go!

We start our zoom-union with Reza Farahan. During lockdown, he’s spruced up his back yard, while husband, Adam, has been baking pies. Mike Shouhed has been playing stepdad to Paulina’s two kids. Golnessa “GG” Gharachedaghi has been tending to her newborn, Elijah. He’s seven weeks old, and adorable. Destiney Rose. Well, she’s present. Nema Vand and his choppers are also onboard. Mercedes “MJ” Javid  has been busy with baby Shams.

First up, GG’s IVF journey. You’ll remember she was impregnated, had a miscarriage, then had her fallopian tubes removed. After the show aired, her IVF treatments were successful. She named her baby after Elijah Wood. So…there’s that. GG gave birth during the pandemic. She could only have one person in the birthing room, and because her mother is older and at risk, she chose her sister to be her birthing coach.

Reza Farahan has met baby Elijah, but no one else has seen the baby. Nema couldn’t get in touch with GG if he wanted to, because she’s blocked him. She even cropped him out of photos of the cast. She says Nema likes to butt into situations that are none of his business.

Reza Farahan now says he regrets not meeting baby Shams or visiting MJ in the hospital when she had lifesaving emergency surgery. But hey, he wasn’t in a good place with MJ. Which, let’s be honest, was kind of his own fault. Instead of going to see his oldest friend, he called her on the phone and demanded details of her interactions with Ali. Not cool, Reza!

GG is back to smoking the weed. She sparked up less than a week after birth. No surprise there.

Though they’re no longer friends, MJ made a point to reach out to GG after she gave birth. MJ sent a handwritten note and gives kudos to GG for doing motherhood alone. Reza calls her out, saying she didn’t have respect for Asa when she got pregnant by her boyfriend. Back then, MJ says she was emotionally broken, she was constantly knocking back the Patron, and her father was ill.

GG argues with MJ, saying those aren’t good excuses. But now that MJ is a mom, she has more compassion. Destiney pipes in, yelling about MJ offering to sleep with her dad (???) whom Destiney hasn’t seen in decades. MJ calls out Destiney for being a liar from head to toe.

GG says she’s not embracing MJ because she doesn’t believe she’s changed. However, she does love it when MJ reaches out to her.

As for Reza Farahan, he and GG are now the best of pals. Viewers (and Nema) seem to think his new closeness with GG is because he wants to thrust a dagger into MJ, but Reza denies that’s his motive. 

Mike’s girlfriend, Paulina, has now joined him. We see the flashback of Nema telling Mike he’s not ready to be a stepdad. And MJ thinks Mike has too many rules for the girls he dates. Paulina claims she never watched the show before becoming a cast member, and that Mike’s been honest about all his mistakes from his previous relationships.

Even Reza loves Paulina. He thinks Mike is great with her kids. Mike claims Paulina is his soulmate. Riiight.

Nema finally admits that Mike has been softened by Paulina. He’s apologized to Paulina for being harsh earlier this season, and she accepted.

As for MJ’s criticism, Mike thinks MJ tests all the new girls. MJ thought she and Paulina were just having some harmless girl talk when she mentioned she’s glad to have married a white guy, but Paulina took it a different way. Destiney tries to butt in, but all I hear is high pitched yapping.

At Bravocon, Mike and Reza say they had a very emotional conversation. Mike made Paulina leave the room, and the two old friends cried together. We see past scenes of the guys crying in each other’s arms. Andy Cohen loves it. 

Mike hopes he’ll be getting married in the near future. He’s no longer interested in impressing everyone else. He and Paulina want a ceremony that’s more intimate and not a production. Mike looks forward to having kids with her.

Next up, Nema and his family problems are in the spotlight. Though he may have continued to flirt with GG, it never went anywhere. Fact is, Nema spent most of the season giving his parents hell for splitting up him and his sister, Mona. 

Nema says his relationship with his father is evolving. What we saw this season was the closest conversation they’ve ever had. 

Destiney starts giving him advice to let the past go. Nema says he hasn’t spoken to Destiney for months, and he misses her. He’s not sure why they aren’t on a good track.

Destiney, Reza, and GG posted a pic on Instagram making fun of Nema’s teeth. They’ve called for him to be fired. While Reza and Destiney say they don’t want Nema kicked off, GG sure as hell does. She compared him to toe fungus and says the regular cast has worked hard to get where they are. Now, Nema pops up and tries to ride their coattails as a newbie. Side note: for someone who smokes acres of weed, she’s very uptight and judgy. You think all that pot would mellow her out.

Mike thinks all this shit talk isn’t very useful. He compares the cast to little kids calling each other names.

GG now says she’s never been attracted to Nema. She blames the flirting on taking hormones for IVF. Nema says it was a fun make out. She shakes her head in disgust.

We get a flashback of Destiney’s “zany” moments from the show. Talking to a possum, the crazy wigs, the booze, the hookups with Sam, Sara’s brother.

As for the naked Jenga debacle, Destiney says she has a lot of information but she must keep it quiet. We see the playback where Destiney spills the tea of Adam’s behavior to Reza. She now says Reza knew exactly what she was talking about.

Next, Mike discusses the flight to Arizona, where he, Nema, and Shervin Roohparvar were escorted by police off the plane. A man had stolen their seats. Instead of listening to their complaints, the flight attendant had them removed and they had to hastily catch another flight.

When Sara and Destiney joined Reza in Las Vegas, Destiney fell hard for Sam. Why? Well, that is the eternal question. But Sara didn’t approve, and we watched that play out for several episodes. When Destiney planned a big birthday weekend for Sam, he acted high, burped his way through dinner, and she left him in the hotel room alone.

RECAP: Reza & MJ Go Toe-To-Toe On ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Reunion! says Sam walks like he has a five-pound dork in his pants. Though he may have acted like an ass during his birthday weekend, he’s called several times to apologize, and Destiney finally accepted but their relationship is done-so.

After the break, Adam joins Reza. MJ wants more accountability from Reza, but he tells her not to lecture him. She storms off. GG says MJ’s copying her move from last season. MJ comes back, and Andy carries on.

Shahs of Sunset

We finally get to naked Jenga. Adam likes to text about sex and dick pics to all his pals — gay or straight. Though Adam says he hasn’t laid eyes on MJ for over a year, he admits she looks great.

MJ is still angry that Reza knew how serious her medical condition was, but he never showed up at the hospital. They’ve been friends for thirty years. She now believes he never cared about her. People are just pawns for Reza. Disgusted, MJ walks off again.

Reza maintains that MJ was trying to catch Adam on tape. Ali wanted to be a cast member and talked to Reza’s hairdresser about the situation. But MJ has had enough of the bullshit. She rightly points out that Adam brought Ali into the group. He wasn’t her friend, he was Adam’s.

Reza says Adam never sent any pics of his own dick. Just pornographic memes. And that makes it okay!

MJ hasn’t seen Ali since all this went down. Mike believes Adam sent “colorful” texts and they might have been misconstrued. Mike hates Ali, but he thinks Adam should be more circumspect about what he sends to people. Mike believes MJ set Ali up to talk about Adam being a perv. She protests that she was in the hospital at the time, but Mike says she could have shut Ali down long before she went into labor.

MJ is adamant that she had nothing to do with Ali. No one believes her. They all insist she had a contract dispute and she wanted to stick it to Reza. She encouraged Ali to bring his grievances on camera to embarrass Reza.

MJ thinks Adam should take responsibility for sending inappropriate texts. The blame for all this ultimately resides with him.

So, do you think MJ was the one behind Ali’s harassment complaints? Is Reza now Team GG to get back at MJ? And how long will Mike and Paulina last?


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