RECAP: Speculation Over Why Jazmin Hides Her Husband Grows On ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Finale!

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Welcome back to the season finale of Married to Medicine LA. Let’s get started, shall we?

This week’s episode begins with Jazmin Johnson spreading Christmas cheer for all the world to hear as she readies her house for the extravagant Christmas party she has planned. Shanique Drummond stops by and the two talk eggnog. To spike or not to spike. That is the question. Then Jazmin surprises her bosom buddy with an early Christmas gift: Josh Altman’s phone number. Now, if you’re a true blue Bravo stan, you’ll know that Josh is a top-performing luxury real estate agent in the Los Angeles area. Shanique is pleasantly surprised to get to meet Josh and potentially benefit from his mentorship. But is Josh equally as eager to dole out advice to a newbie like Shanique? I guess we’ll find out.

While Shanique is visiting with Jazmin she asks her if her husband will be in attendance at the Christmas party. Jazmin musters up a half-hearted, “He might.” Sure, Jan.

Across town, Dr. Imani Walker’s mother pays a visit and Imani catches her up to speed on the Palm Springs trip, d**k whistles and all. Imani’s son, Idris is privy to the entire conversation and even asks if he can finish decorating their Christmas tree with the leftover naughty Palm Springs paraphernalia. 

The conversation takes a deeper turn when they discuss how Imani and Idris are dealing with Phil’s absence during the holidays. Imani’s mother then delivers some sage advice: “Everyone deserves to seek and achieve happiness. And if you’re not finding it, you gotta figure out how to find it.” TOUCHÉ.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kendra Segura and her husband Hobart are having a conversation about just that. Kendra comes clean and confesses that she’s already accepted a full-time position. Luckily for Kendra, Hobart appears to have had a change of heart, especially after speaking with the other husbands during guys night. “I want you to know that I support you,” Hobart says. Phew. All’s well that ends well.

Shanique has her much-anticipated meeting with Josh and at first, it doesn’t appear to go so hot. Josh matter of factly explains that real estate and property management are two very different fields and that real estate is not something that can be done part-time. “It’s a 24/7 job. So the number one type of people that fail are people that think they can do it as a part-time job,” he advises.

The meeting eventually takes a positive turn when she explains that she plans to carve out a niche for herself. Shanique explains that she plans to position herself as an agent to physician families who move to LA for their career are in need of a place to live. “That’s amazing,” Josh encourages Shanique. The pair bond over the importance of branding in real estate and the meeting ends on a positive note. Hallelujah.

Dr. Britten Cole is fighting an uphill battle of her own as she and husband, Mack, try to reason with their seven-year-old, Minie, that is time to start sleeping in his own bed. Britten explains that during the trip to Palm Springs, the ladies showed her the error of her ways and how important it is that she and Mack have alone time in their own bed. Minie puts up a good fight, but eventually, he retreats to the top bunk… of his sister’s room. Good riddance.

Finally, it’s the night of Jazmin’s lavish Christmas party. She’s decked all of the halls, decorated all of the trees, catered all of the food, rented all of the entertainment and even ordered all of the ice sculptures. There’s only thing missing… her husband.

The guests continue to arrive one by one with only one question on their mind: where is Jazmin’s husband. Well, that AND who the low budget Mariah Carey impersonator really is, but I digress… The ladies resolve to take matters into their own hands when they try to rush past security and find the mystery man of the house. Unfortunately, the security AND Jazmin’s sister are having none of it and the mission is quickly squashed.

Later in the evening, a Christmas choir comes barreling down the grand staircase, serenading the guests and putting everyone in the Christmas spirit with their soulful songs. The ladies all stand around and bond over the music and the past year they’ve shared together. “Everybody needs a tribe and I think I’ve found mine,” Kendra , later confessed in her talking head. Here’s to hoping we see this tribe again soon on another season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles! And who knows? Maybe we’ll finally get a glimpse of Jazmin’s mystery man, after all.


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