RECAP: Dr. Imani Admits Phil Never Loved Her & They Didn’t Have Sex For Five Years On ‘Married To Medicine’

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of Married to Married to Medicine LA. Let’s get started!

This week’s episode of Married to Medicine LA opens with Dr. Imani Walker announcing that she and Phil will be getting a divorce. The ladies all let out collective gasps before Jazmin Johnson screeches, “Ooh, I’m sick.” Shanique Drummond immediately runs across the room to offer Imani a shoulder to cry on and words of support. “You know we’re here for you. You know that, right? You also have to open up and let us be there and support you. That’s what girlfriends are here for,” Shanique says. The rest of the ladies also rally around Imani and there’s not a dry eye in the room. Even Jazmin manages to squeak out a tear or two.

Once everyone is over the initial shock of Imani’s distressing news, Dr. Kendra Segura and Dr. Britten Cole suggest a sleepover to lift Imani’s spirits, but Imani has an even better idea. A girls getaway to Palm Springs! The ladies eagerly accept the invitation. Britten declares, “You’ll forget all about this divorce by the time we finish with the weekend.” Challenge accepted!

Next up on Imani’s tough to-do list: check-in with her son, Idris, and see how he’s doing since learning of the split. Idris admits that math is quickly becoming one of his least favorite subjects in school but that the news of his mother divorcing Phil is not the reason math has suddenly become more difficult for him. “I don’t’ really know how to feel about it.”  He then goes on to describe learning that his mom and Phil were divorcing as a “mood killer.” Poor guy!

Across town, Britten is busy packing two days worth of fashions into a very large suitcase. Britten’s husband, Mack, interrogates her on what exactly is on the itinerary for Palm Springs. Britten assures Mack that as a respectable married woman the only thing they have planned is to lift Imani’s spirits. Later in her talking head, Britten admits that Imani’s divorce has given her pause and time to reflect on where her marriage could improve so as not to end up on the same track.

The ladies all arrive at Shanique’s house to climb aboard the party bus. Everyone except for Imani, that is. Imani has chosen to drive by herself instead. While Imani is enjoying a long quiet ride in solitude, the rest of the group wastes no time letting loose on the bus. Including partaking in edibles. Bless that bus driver!

Imani arrives at the luxury vacation rental first. At first glance, Imani is extremely impressed with the digs… until she finds out that none of the restrooms are equipped with a bidet function. “Bidets are LIFE as far as I’m concerned,” Imani insists.

The rest of the group finally arrives just in time to find a cowboy who moonlights as a private chef cooking in the kitchen. Kendra bypasses everyone and heads straight to the restroom to pump after a long ride on the bus. Meanwhile Shanique, Jazmin and Lia run around the house as if they’re in the Hunger Games on a mission to claim the best room. The jokes on them though as Imani’s already done just that.

Later that evening a shaman arrives at Imani’s request. According to Imani, he is there to cleanse the energy in the house. Unfortunately, she seems to be the only one keen on using the shaman. According to Kendra, the shaman and his energy clearing capabilities are all just a bunch of hocus pocus. During the cleanse the shaman takes time to do a more in-depth clearing on Imani while the rest of the ladies curiously look on. Later during her talking head Imani admits “Even if this dude was shaking chicken bones over me, I just needed help to get rid of all the extra bulls***. Phil, who?!”

The ladies then sit down to a beautiful three-course dinner prepared by Chef Cowboy. During dinner, Imani makes a shocking confession when she reveals to the ladies that Phil told her once that he worried about there being a compatibility issue between the two. According to Imani, Phil told her he thought he could grow to love her. YIKES.

Britten admits that all of this divorce talk makes her worry because she and Mack are also experiencing a lull in their marriage. “We’re two ships passing in the night.” According to Britten, their work schedules aren’t exactly conducive to a happy, healthy marriage. She takes it one step further when she declares that when it comes to choosing between spending time with her husband and spending time with her kids she’ll always choose her kids. “If there’s a choice between the two, I’m choosing my baby.” Britten matter of factly admits that her son makes her feel needed and Mack simply doesn’t.

After dinner, the ladies slip into their sexy nighties and model their wares for everyone to admire. Next up, a secret Santa style gift exchange. Shanique’s gift is for Imani. Of course, everything is XXX-rated for her newly single friend. Britten also gifts Kendra with a couple of… toys. Lia drew Jazmin and presents her with a “Welcome to Inglewood” starter pack. Guess she earned her street cred back, after all. Jazmin, however, didn’t put near as much time or thought into planning Lia’s gift. Instead, she simply regifts her with a candle. Typical. Imani surprises Shanique with an air horn, citing their obvious similarities. Unfortunately, the gift doesn’t exactly land well. Oopsie. Shanique has one last surprise up her sleeve when a stripper dressed as Santa arrives at the door. Hey, that air horn might come in handy after all.

The next morning the ladies gather for breakfast and Imani drops yet another bomb regarding her and Phil’s relationship. Jazmin asks Imani how long it’s been since she and Phil were intimate and Imani responds “almost five years.” Well, well, well. Suddenly this separation doesn’t feel like such a shock after all.

Tune into Married to Medicine LA next week as the ladies continue to work overtime to help Imani get her groove back!


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