‘Vanderpump Rules’ Billie Lee Exposes Lisa Vanderpump ‘Gaslighted’ & ‘Silenced’ Her After She Was Fired!

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Billie Lee

Vanderpump Rules alum, Billie Lee is accusing Lisa Vanderpump of silencing and gaslighting her after getting axed from the series.

The 36-year-old transgender star exposed her former boss and spilled insider tea during the June 24 broadcast of “I Feel Tried” podcast.

Billie Lee revealed her Vanderpump Rules co-stars were thirsty for camera-time.

“People were trying to get on camera, people wanted to be famous. And like, all I wanted to do was give a voice to the trans community,” the former Bravo personality explained.

Billie Lee was fired and finally came clean about her dismissal despite initially announcing she quit the reality show. 

“I was actually dismissed. I publicly came out and said that I left … but what happened was toward the end of the seventh season, I was told that Jax [Taylor] and them did not want to film with me,” she shared.

Billie Lee continued, “During my reunion, I publicly posted that there was no minority on stage with me, none of my cast members were of color or LGBTQ,” she explained.

She slammed Lisa Vanderpump for cruel treatment after she was fired from the Bravo reality series.

“For me to be silenced and talked over and gaslighted by Lisa was just really, really sad. … I tried to publicly talk about it but I was silenced,” she stated. The former SUR waitress even claimed that Lisa threatened her. “Lisa personally called me and said that, you know, she made my career and she could easily take it away,” Billie Lee revealed.

Billie Lee clashed with many of her former cast members and was excluded from group events. Notably, Katie Maloney’s planning of ‘Girls Night In’ party. The slight caused major drama between the ladies and Billie accused Katie of shunning her because she’s transgender. Billie also claimed her former Vanderpump Rules co-stars bullied her to the point of contemplating suicide.


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