RECAP: Imani Reveals She Wants A Divorce On ‘Married To Medicine LA’

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of Married to Medicine LA! Let’s get started!

The episode picks back up in New Orleans while Dr. Britten Cole, Dr. Imani Walker and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe get ready for their speaking engagement at their alma mater, Xavier University. Meanwhile, Jazmin Johnson is still playing weight loss coach and has an aerial yoga session planned for her student Dr. Kendra Segura. Unfortunately, Kendra is not super enthused about hanging upside down in silk ropes. During the workout, Kendra drops a bomb that she plans to take a new fulltime position. The catch- her husband, Hobart, doesn’t know. YIKES.

Imani has a very tense conversation with Phil as she confronts him as to when they will see each other again. Phil’s silence is troubling as he hems and haws around. He eventually says, “it’s deeper than that. I’ve got work to do.” Sure, Jan.

Back in New Orleans, Britten sticks her foot ALL the way in her mouth as she blurts out a curse word while speaking to all of the pre-med students about professionalism in medicine. “Sorry, yall are students. This is a catholic school too,” she apologizes. As the speaking engagement wraps up, Imani reminds all of the students to ask for help. “You CANNOT do it by yourself.”

Shanique Drummond is on a mission of her own — to convince her husband that she is able to make the jump to real estate from property management. She has the PowerPoint presentation ready to go as she ushers him into the living room while serving him a cold beer. Luckily, all of her work is not in vain. “I can see that you’re serious. Honestly, I love it. I love the time and energy you put into it. I’m sold,” he says. Phew.

Britten, Imani and Contessa take a trip down memory lane as they ride in the homecoming parade as the Grand Marshalls. Contessa runs into quite literally a blast from the past, her ex-boyfriend, Nikia. According to Britten and Imani, he was quite the player though and cheated on Contessa several times over.

The ladies stop at the famous Cafe Du Monde for beignets and the conversation turns serious when the subject of Phil rears it’s ugly head. Contessa finally asks Imani if she and Phil are growing apart. Imani explains that even when Phil is in LA, he’s not really there as he prioritizes everything else instead. “I would just like for him to be able to acknowledge that we have to do the work.” She later adds, “I’m not begging NOBODY, not even my husband, for their time.”

Once back in LA, Imani is hard at work doing a photoshoot for her book launch. According to Imani, her book tackles the subject of mental health in the black community. Imani says that she’s heard from many of her patients that mental health is “a white people problem,” but she begs to differ. “Mental health and mental illness doesn’t have a face.” She opens up that, she too, has struggled with depression. “There would be times that I would forget to eat for days and I would look up and I’ve lost ten pounds.”

Lia Dias takes her 15-year-old daughter, Kayla, to see Kendra for her very first gynecologist appointment. Lia makes it very clear she’s uncomfortable with the task. “When I think of gynecologists, I think of babies, I think of birth control, and my daughter needs none of the above.”

Once in the exam room, the three exchange niceties and Kendra explains the reason for the appointment. She then excuses Lia to be able to talk with Kayla one on one. Once Lia leaves Kendra asks Kayla if she’s sexually active or has any questions or concerns. Fortunately, it appears that Kayla isn’t keeping any secrets from her mother as she has nothing to reveal. Kendra encourages Kayla to come back at any time should she need to speak with her about anything.

Speaking of mother/daughter dynamics, Britten takes her daughter, Ivy, to do a fun gardening activity. The subject of Ivy’s frequent mood swings comes up and Britten works overtime explaining why it’s not okay for her to talk back and roll her eyes. Ivy eventually pinky promises to do better. If not, Britten explained matter of factly, Ivy’s phone will be taken away.

Across town, Imani and Jazmin meet for gelato. The catch — Jazmin is on a diet so she pulls out her very own taster cup she ordered on Amazon and proceeds to ask the worker to put her ice cream in that. Even Polly Pocket would still be hungry after that serving…

Imani opens up to Jazmin and admits she’s basically a single mother right now. Jazmin then asks if Imani and Phil have phone sex. Imani shakes her head no and admits that Phil has never been a super sexual person. Cut to Jazmin’s talking head when she laughs at the mere thought of that assertion. “He’s an R&B singer. His job is to be sexual and sensual.”

In the midst of the deep conversation, Jazmin abruptly pulls out a blood sugar testing kit. “I gotta check my blood sugar. I’m not a diabetic but I do this to make sure I’m always in fat-burning mode.” Imani calls Jazmin out for being real extra and rolls her eyes. “This s*** is gonna make me take a Xanax,” she confesses.

The next day, Shanique comes over to get ready for her birthday party at Jazmin’s. Jazmin pulls out her outfit for Jazmin to inspect. Drink every time you hear the word, “cute.” Meanwhile, things have taken turn for the worse with Imani and Phil. Britten arrives to pick up Imani and head to the party but much to surprise Imani greets her at the door with puffy eyes and dressed in her bathrobe. She reveals that while in New Orleans, Britten and Imani gave her great advice. But once she tried to put the advice into action things went VERY wrong. She then confesses that she told Phil that she wants a divorce.

Are Imani  and Phil done forever? Will the ladies be empathetic to Imani’s plight? Tune into Married to Medicine LA next week to find out!


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