‘RHONY’ RECAP: Tinsley Mortimer Announces She’s Back With Scott & The Ladies Clown Her!

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We begin this episode of the Real Housewives of New York City with Ramona Singer entering a deli to buy her dog, Coco, chicken. Coco’s old, so she’s a bit spoiled. But she gets so excited watching Ramona chop up chicken, it’s worth it.

Dorinda Medley is getting ready for her favorite holiday — Halloween. She’s cramming herself into a sexy, gold corset that may or may not be part of her costume.

Luann de Lesseps meets up with Ben, her cabaret producer. She’s interviewing comedians for her new show, Marry, Fuck, Kill. Because this time the show is going to be funny. And we’re not talking about the Countess singing Feeling Jovani funny, either. Sonja Morgan joins her, and they perform a double cheeked kiss.

Luann de Lesseps

Sonja Morgan seems a little jealous that Luann is getting so much adulation. And there’s the little fact that Sonja receives zero dollars for her work with Luann onstage. Unless you count hair and makeup — and no one counts that, Countess. Can Sonja keep helping Luann with the show when she has her own lifestyle brand to promote? 

We see several comedians. Some are funny, but Luann wants sexy and funny. Apparently, that’s hard to find.

Tinsley Mortimer is indulging her new puppies while she facetimes Leah McSweeney. Tins just got back from Chicago where she spent time with Scott. He called and demanded she come see him — with both of her dogs. Does this mean things are back on track for the pair? Mmmm, maybe.

Leah McSweeney issues an invitation for a get together Dorinda is throwing at a haunted house. Dorinda can’t be bothered to ask Tinsley herself, so she gave the invite through Leah. Basically, Tinsley’s invited, but if she doesn’t come, it’s no skin off Dorinda’s nose. So much for moving on from their recent fallout.

Leah and Tinsley arrive together at Blood Manor. A creepy zombie jumps out at them as they walk along the sidewalk. While they’re trying to avoid a heart attack, Elyse and Dorinda show up. When the zombie leaps out at Ramona, she’s so terrified she drops her giftbag. Luann laughs as the zombie and a clown chase her down the street. Sonja is equally terrified by the duo. Hope she’s wearing her Depends.

Inside, the women cling to each other as scary characters leap out and portray gross scenes. Somehow, they make it through the gauntlet and received a T-shirt for their effort. Now, it’s time for drinks.

Tinsley Mortimer and Leah are late to the restaurant. Ramona makes a cruel remark about how stupid it was for Tinsley to post about her recent trip to Chicago. How dare she post to the world and not offer up details of her sex life to the group? So inconsiderate!

Tinsley announces to the ladies that she and Scott are back together. Leah drops the bomb that Tinsley and Scott plan on getting married. There isn’t a ring or anything…but Tinsley knows they’re going to make it work this time. And she’s planning on moving to Chicago. Dorinda gets in a dig about Tinsley leaving the hotel.

Dorinda Medley immediately ignores Tinsley, who points out her relationship seems really important when she and Scott are apart. But when they’re back together, no one cares. The others keep talking about upcoming events and ice out Tinsley. Elyse believes the women have been too hard on the younger woman.

Dorinda thinks Tinsley has lied about her relationship and made fools of the ladies. Dorinda, who has been complaining that Tinsley never opens up, refuses to acknowledge or ask questions about the recharged romance with Scott. She’s muttering to Ramona to do the same, and Ramona complies. But Luann asks Tinsley if this time is the real deal. Yep. Tinsley assures her it is.

Dorinda Medley and Tinsley continue to snipe at each other. Then Dorinda makes a comment about having a turkey baster in her kitchen, maybe Tins could use it to make a baby. Good Lord. What is going on with Dorinda this season? Leah is disgusted by the ladies’ bad behavior.

Tinsley Mortimer

Later that week, Sonja and her intern, Lulu, head over to Century 21. The company is interested in her Sonja ready wear line. They’re carving out a front and center place for Sonja in their flagship store. If things go well, she’ll have a chance to get her clothes in all their stores. This is the opportunity she’s been waiting for.

Next, Ramona Singer, Dorinda, and Sonja take a car to check out a warehouse to discuss Ramona’s birthday party. She wants something special this year. They schlep all the way out to Long Island…and complain the whole way about the long trip.

Larry Scott, greasy haired party planner, is a major player in the event biz, Ramona tells us. Last year, Sonja and Dorinda were cut from Ramona’s invite list, but this year she’s including everyone — and that includes sixty girlfriends and a tropical theme.

Dorinda Medley suggests that Sonja and Ramona throw a joint party because their birthdays are close together. Ramona quickly nixes that idea. This is her day, bitches. She will not share the limelight.

Ramona Singer says this party is a way to can give back to her girlfriends. It’s a Coming Out party. Ramona doesn’t have a man, so she’s putting in all the money herself, and if Sonja doesn’t like it, tough shit.

Of course, Larry Scott is going to give her a good deal. And there won’t be formal seating. While Ramona talks details, Sonja and Dorinda eat and look at their phones. Dorinda whines about the whole situation, angry that Ramona wants all the attention for herself. And when Larry asks the ladies to take a pic so he can post it on his social media, Dorinda is doubly offended.

At Leah’s apartment, her ex, Rob, brings home their daughter. Kier and Rob freak out when they see Leah juicing. Again, Leah describes her strange relationship with her ex. They don’t live together, but they’re a family. Okay, we get it!

Ramona Singer heads to a bar and compares her outfit with the bartender’s. Tinsley arrives next. With Dorinda out of the way, Ramona can now congratulate Tinsley on renewing things with Scott. Basically, Ramona felt bad, so she threw Tins a bone and filmed them having cocktails.

Luann de Lesseps stops by. She and Ramona now want to hear about Tinsley’s plans with Scott. But Ramona’s date shows up early. Luann and Tinsley also know Ron. He’s a frequent flyer of the Regency and Beautique.

Tinsley admits her mom is a little caught off guard by her plans. Tinsley won’t even be on hand for Halloween. She plans on moving to Chicago. The next day! Scott has promised to build her a closet. According to Ramona, that’s real commitment.

Ramona and Luann are kind to Tinsley and offer her their best wishes. They hug it out and toast to her future. It’s nice to see for a change.

At Tinsley’s apartment, Dale comes to help pack. As she puts away Tinsley’s silver baby cup, Dale starts crying. So many changes. But if Tinsley doesn’t take the leap, she’ll always wonder if she made the right decision.

Tinsley Mortimer

Leah stops by the apartment and thumbs through all of Tinsley’s photos from her childhood. They pop the champs and toast to Tinsley’s happiness. Leah is a little jealous of Tinsley’s optimism. She might just want a happily ever after of her own.

When Sonja Morgan arrives, she hugs Dale and lifts her off the ground, which almost busts a lamp. But Tinsley has quick hands and rescues it. Now that Sonja realizes Tinsley is serious about getting back together with Scott, she offers her congrats, saying she’s happy for Tinsley.

Dale cries about Sonja taking in Tinsley for a few months when she first moved back to NY. The woman can’t stop leaking! Tinsley will miss Sonja, who’s been a combination of mom and sister. Leah toasts to fairytales coming true before she heads out.

After packing, the dogs are dressed in their puffy down coats. Tinsley Mortimer talks about how she got comfortable in her own skin by moving back to the Big Apple, but now she’s ready for the next chapter.

We find out that Scott proposed in front of Christmas carolers. Tinsley has a ring and is working on her relationship. Good luck!

This was a tame episode, but I’m glad Tinsley Mortimer is happy. So, what’s your take? Will Tinsley and Scott actually make it down the aisle? Will the show suffer without her princessy presence? And what do you make of Dorinda’s snarky attitude?


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