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Ramona Singer Pooped Her Pants At Party Amid Fight With Leah McSweeney!

Ramona Singer

The poop is hitting the fan for Real Housewives of New York City star, Ramona Singer.

The reality veteran has been outed for allegedly soiling herself during a filmed cast gathering, recently aired on the Bravo series. 

Ramona Singer’s daughter, Avery Singer, called out rookie Housewife, Leah McSweeney’s drunken antics during a recent episode of the show — and Leah’s sister, Sarah, hit back hard. 

Sarah McSweeney was along for the ride on the Newport, Rhode Island cast trip — arriving after Leah turned a cast dinner upside down, the night before. Sarah didn’t appreciate Avery’s uninvited commentary on her sister’s intoxicated hijinks — so she checked her mother’s behavior at a local restaurant, the following night. 

Viewers watched Ramona Singer perform her classic cougar moves on innocent restaurant patrons, but according to Sarah, Ramona’s come-ons were crappy ones. 

“Omg you are embarrassed by my sister, @leahmob for entertaining you all  at that boring dinner party? I was embarrassed when you pooped your pants the next night at dinner and were still prancing around trying to flirt with drunk married men with “soiled” pants on. @elyseslaine was my witness. But she was being a good friend and trying to distract me from your shit stained pants. And @averysinger please get your mom some depends,” Sarah wrote on Instagram. 

Elyse Slain is enjoying her first season in the RHONY spotlight — as a “friend” of the cast. 

Watch Ramona Singer in action on the Real Housewives of New York City, Thursday nights at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 


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