Wendy Williams Hospitalized For Being Suicidal And Refusing To Eat!

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Wendy Williams suffered a meltdown during home quarantine that resulted in hospitalization and suicide watch, after announcing hiatus.

Wendy Williams, 55, was taken to New York Presbyterian hospital for trying to kill herself and checked in to the hospital under a fake name, according to YouTube vlogger, Tasha K.

Wendy Williams reportedly talked to herself, barely slept, paced around, and refused to eat and drink. Her head was shaved as doctors in the neurology department were monitoring her brain.

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According to the report, Wendy’s mental decline started after her ex-husband’s Kevin Hunter’s cheating became public fodder. 

To make matters worst, Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., was reportedly “brainwashed” and turned against her by her ex-husband. Kevin Jr. initially took his mom’s side when his parents split but he later switched sides and Wendy couldn’t take it anymore. She broke down during the quarantine.

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