Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Filming Underway Amid Coronavirus Shutdown!

Sister Wives

Christine Brown let it slip that Sister Wives filming is underway during a live chat last week — revealing that TLC is making it work amid a nationwide coronavirus shutdown.

The reality show chronicles the polygamous ups and downs of Kody Brown, his four wives, and multiple children. 

Christine Brown spilled the tea while offering insight about her life in Flagstaff, Arizona. A fan asked about a new season of the show, and Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn chimed in and said that she’s not supposed to say, but “yes.” 

Christine Brown hinted that one upcoming storyline will refollow her daughter’s Ysabel’s scoliosis journey. Ysabel was photographed in a wheelchair shortly after TLC dropped her story, perhaps revealing that a surgery did take place. 

Sister Wives

Christine Brown said that cameras film every other week, giving the clan every other week off. Fans are clamoring for a Season 15 that looks different from Season 14…or even Season 13.

Will the Browns ever stop moving and break ground on Coyote Pass? Will Kody and his displaced #1, Meri Brown, ever repair their relationship? 

TLC will likely hold off on announcing the show’s renewal until a few weeks before the premiere. The new season of Sister Wives will likely air in early 2021.  


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