Stop Lying! Kenya Moore Claims NeNe Leakes Hired Lisa Bloom To Sue Bravo and Says NeNe’s Ugly & Talentless!

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Kenya Moore

Just a few short months after NeNe Leakes hired celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom — Kenya Moore claims her Real Housewives of Atlanta costar lawyered up to sue Bravo.

Kenya Moore made the baseless assertion during an appearance on Kandi Burruss’ Youtube show on Saturday.

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Back in February, NeNe Leakes announced she had hired Lisa Bloom via Instagram. She wrote, “Happy i now have @lisabloomesq on my team! I’ve stay quiet a long time and gathered info along the way. Now I’m gonna make some noise #waitforit  #unfair in confidence go here??”

Speculation grew over NeNe Leakes’ cryptic post but talk show host, Wendy Williams, clarified NeNe’s announcement during her February show. “It’s not about her personal life with her family. It is about the side hustle…whether it’s a wig line, a clothing line, fashion, acting roles, the whole bit.” Wendy Williams told her audience. “NeNe doesn’t know so that’s why she hired Lisa to get to the bottom of outside of the Housewives and her personal life business and that side hustle.”

Housewive’s contracts prohibit them from suing Bravo and Truly Entertainment (the company that produces The Real Housewives of Atlanta). A fact, both Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss, are well aware of but it’s not surprising they would perpetuate lies about NeNe Leakes amid their bitter feud.  

Watch the full interview below.

As fans know, Kenya Moore has an extensive history of telling lies.

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