‘RHOA’ REUNION RECAP: Nene & Kandi Face-Off & Eva Cries Over Baby Daddy!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Welcome back to part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta virtual reunion via Zoom. Let’s get started!

We pick back up where we left off with Porsha Williams claiming that she has receipts of Kenya Moore dogging out her supposed BFF Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia, however, remains unbothered with the accusations. Much like her self-appointed couple name, she’s just too CHILL to care.

NeNe Leakes is adamant that she has no ill will towards Cynthia Bailey and says that they are both taking baby steps to recover their friendship.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Andy Cohen serves up a montage of all of the sweet moments captured on film of the new mothers on the cast with their babies in tow. He then throws a little “fun shade” at Cynthia Bailey when he presents her with a viewer’s question asking why she always keeps talking about having a baby at 53 years old. She maintains that it was just a clever plot to make a storyline for herself a joke.

Cynthia Bailey opens up about how there have been both good and bad times while blending Mike’s family with her own. When asked about Noelle’s new relationship since recently coming out on camera she says she’s adjusting well. “She’s happy in her relationship. She’s happy being in Los Angeles. As a mother, all you really want is for your kids to be happy.”

Marlo Hampton discusses how much her life has changed since becoming a full time “Munty.” NeNe Leakes also says that Marlo has changed for the better, citing that even her shopping habits have fallen off in an effort to make sure the boys have everything they need and want. Aw good for you, Marlo!

Andy then sets his sights (aka Zoom lens) on Kenya Moore to discuss her new role as a mother. Kenya’s face immediately lights up as she explains that she is “so in love” with her daughter. Aw Ken, there you are again. Can’t you stay awhile?

When asked about the bond Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams shared as new mothers, Porsha admits that the bond they shared was real, even before the babies were born. As the season went on, however, it became apparent to Porsha that Kenya was quickly reverting back to her old ways. “It just seemed like I was observing her being the same old Kenya doing the same old hurtful things to people. I feel like that would be really fake of me to not say anything about it,” she says.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

When provided with a montage of the hurtful things Porsha is referring to like showing up with a marching band chanting “Kenya Moore Hair Care” at Marlo’s wig launch, calling Tanya Sam a C-U-Next-Tuesday, bringing ol’ Cookie Lady to Tanya’s face, and claiming that Porsha’s best friend Shamea Morton called her the minute her water broke, Kenya just laughs.

Cynthia Bailey steps up to bat for her fake friend when she claims that Kenya Moore was just giving out some “fun shade.” Munty Marlo, however, is not buying what ol’ Fiddy Cent is selling when she quips back, “Was it fun shade when she came into an event for my hot elegant wig launch???” Even Kandi Burruss admits that while it was “funny” it was not “fun shade.”

Kenya Moore does what she does best by promptly deflecting and redirecting all of the unwanted negative attention back on NeNe when she accuses NeNe and Marlo of having relations with the same man eight years ago. Nene implicitly denies the allegation before Kenya adds, “why is it that the ugliest b****** wants to come for the prettiest girls. You’re the ugliest b**** on this show.” Yikes.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Andy calls Kenya Moore out for going after Marlo’s wig business after saying that she feels strongly that the ladies should not go after each other’s businesses. When Andy asks about the double standard Kenya cites the beef Marlo and she had with one another at the Bailey Q as the reason she retaliated and went after Marlo’s wig launch. “So you can f*** with other people’s businesses but they can’t f*** with yours?” Andy asks her. In the words of Marlo, “Let the church say AMEN.”

Andy then changes gears ever so slightly when he asks NeNe Leakes if she still feels that Kenya Moore got what she deserved in her marriage after parading the Cookie Lady in front of Tanya. Nene is adamant that she does but before she can finish her statement Kenya alleges that Gregg sleeps around on Nene with the hired help. Nene gives Kenya one of those unbothered “that’s all you got?” faces before we’re served with past footage of Nene admitting that her husband engaged in inappropriate FaceTime chats with a former employee but that they never had sex.

Andy and Kandi Burruss engage in a special conversation about Kandi’s use of a surrogate to bring baby Blaze into the world. Kandi admits that although she initially struggled with the decision, she now even forgets that Blaze was born via surrogacy. Kandi is adamant that the bond she shares with Blaze is no different than those that she shares with her other two children.

We finally see a more vulnerable side of Eva Marcille  when she breaks down while talking about her daughter’s biological father. We learn that after filming Eva’s daughter’s “donor” sued her for a name change reversal, child custody and child support. Fortunately, the suit was eventually thrown out when he acted a fool and got kicked out of the courtroom. Eva provides us with some backstory in regards to how the relationship came to be. According to Eva, the two were sleeping together but we’re not dating, They didn’t end up together until after she found out she was pregnant. Eva says things went south for the pair after he became violent with her. She is adamant that she does not regret her time with him because it came with the biggest gift-her daughter.

Eva Marcille

Andy switches gears and moves on to Porsha Williams and her troubled relationship with Dennis. McKinley. When asked how they are doing currently, Porsha says they are quarantined together and “in a good place right now.” Andy mentions the most recent rumors about Dennis hanging out with a group of women at four in the morning Porsha admits she was upset but they eventually worked through it. In a surprising turn of events, the self-appointed hopeless romantic admits that her relationship with Dennis moved way too fast.

The heat turns all the way up when Andy asks NeNe Leakes about the comments she made supposedly referencing Kandi’s spin-off shows. Nene keeps shouting that Kandi should “LEARN FROM THE LUNCHBOX” before Kandi responds by saying, “B**** go hide in a lunchbox. How about that?” Andy puts his new secret weapon AKA the mute button to use while Nene and Kandi continue to scream at one another.

Andy tries his best to get to the bottom of the NeNe Leakes vs Kandi drama but gets nowhere. Kandi asks that Andy mute her so she can respond. Andy obliges to Kandi’s request but also points out that Nene could’ve possibly been referring to Kim Zolciak Biermann and not her. Unfortunately, Nene has had enough of the mute button. She takes a few moments before eventually deciding to close her laptop and leave the Zoom call once and for all.

How will The Real Housewives of Atlanta virtual reunion end with NeNe Leakes’ abrupt departure? Tune in next week to find out as the reunion continues.


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