RECAP: The ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Ladies Speculate About Dr. Imani Walker’s Marriage!

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Welcome back to another episode of Married to Medicine LAThis week’s episode picks right back up where it left off, at Jazmin Johnson’s over-the-top rooftop party. Quad Webb  is still failing miserably to establish dominance over the group. Even Contessa Metcalfe is annoyed with Quad’s antics. “Quad, I don’t even know why you talking because this is definitely not your party. It ain’t even your trip,” she says.

Dr. Imani Walker and Jazmin go off by themselves in an effort to hash out their differences… away from the self-appointed moderator. Imani admits to being “a hard person.” According to Imani, she’s been betrayed by people very close to her, including her father who abandoned her at a young age, so she’s used to being on guard. Jazmin somehow manages to convince Imani that she doesn’t need to be on guard with her. The pair make up and hug it out with what Imani refers to as “a real titty to titty hug.”

Married to Medicine LA

The next day, Shanique Drummond is rushing around the house preparing breakfast and getting the kids to school and herself to work on time. Shanique’s husband leisurely eats his breakfast while encouraging her to take some deep breaths as he watches her do laps around the kitchen. Later in the car, she drops a bomb when she reveals to her kids that she’s considering making a career change from property manager to realtor. Unfortunately, her kids don’t seem too keen on the idea. “You’re joking, right?” says her young son. Like father, like son…

Meanwhile, newcomer Dr. Kendra Segura and her husband are hard at work trying to make their house a home while sifting through quite literally hundreds of moving boxes in their garage. We learn that Kendra met her Chinese-Canadian husband, Hobart, while in medical school. Kendra admits that Hobart was initially friend-zoned for many years before she finally gave him a chance. Hobart, however, doesn’t see it that way. “I was just in the zone,” he says. Later Kendra refers to their romance as strategic, stating that Hobart c***-blocked her in order to make her his own. How… romantic?

Dr. Britten Cole is gearing up for a 43rd birthday bash hosted by her husband Mack. Mack is keeping the details of the party a secret in an effort to surprise the birthday girl. Contessa shows up to get ready with the birthday girl as Mack heads off to put the finishing touches on the party.

Married to Medicine LA

Later that evening the Atlanta ladies are some of the first guests to arrive at the party. Heavenly Kimes hobbles into the party wearing a pair of heels she has no business wearing. Quad gives Heavenly credit for trying to raise her game up and how she wants to present herself aesthetically but admits that she’s still not where she needs to be when it comes to learning how to walk in heels. Once at the party, Heavenly wastes no time before ditching the shoes… and what’s left of her dignity.

Things get even more awkward for Heavenly Kimes when she meets Kendra’s husband for the first time. One might recall that the last time she was around Kendra she insinuated that Hobart might benefit from penis enlargement. Luckily, Hobart takes it all in stride and it’s not long before the two are posted up taking selfies with one another while Heavenly strikes her quintessential duck face pose. “I think he likes voluptuous, beautiful black women,” says Heavenly.

Things appear to be looking up for Imani and Jazmin as they greet each other and share yet another “real titty to titty hug.” Jazmin asks Imani how things are going and Imani reveals that her husband, Phil, has been in away in Oklahoma for the past three months. She conveniently leaves out the part that he’s there working on a new business.

Unfortunately, the upward trajectory for Imani and Jazmin Johnson’s friendship seems to suddenly grind to a halt when Jazmin decides to take this newfound information and run with it. She immediately assumes that Imani and Phil must be experiencing some sort of rough patch for him to be away for so long. My guess is that Jazmin is all too eager to dish out what she was given last season.

Mack is still waiting for the guest of honor to arrive at her party. Unfortunately, Britten and Contessa take the term “fashionably late” too literally when they arrive very late after getting lost. Once Britten and Contessa finally arrive, Contessa gives a heartfelt toast to her best friend of over 20 years, followed by a speech from Mack. Once the speeches are out of the way it’s time to turn up.

For the duration of the party Jazmin and Shanique are working overtime trying to get to the bottom of Imani’s husband’s absence. They pull Britten aside to discuss the tea, and Britten feigns ignorance pretending to have no clue why Phil is away. Britten really plays into it when she poses the question, “is he in prison?” This really riles the ladies up as they question whether or not there’s a prison in Oklahoma and if Phil’s sentence includes parole.

The next day Jazmin hosts a brunch before the ATL ladies head home. When Jazmin asks the ladies how their stay was, Quad launches into a laundry list of things she thinks Jazmin can improve upon, including having toothbrushes, curling irons, flat irons and additional wastebaskets on hand. Duly noted, Quad.

Later that evening Imani and Britten have dinner together. During dinner, Imani reveals that both she and Phil are being featured in Essence Magazine… separately. Imani is being featured as part of the 2019 “Woke 100” and Phil is being recognized for his work as a black cannabis entrepreneur. Imani relishes in this feat exclaiming, “if that’s not a power couple, I don’t know what is.”

Britten Cole breaks down and tells Imani that Jazmin and Shanique had a lot to say about Phil’s absence. Imani seems stunned but quickly comes back down to reality when she considers the source. “Two people who have not a whole lot of things to do, I’m sure a have a whole lot to say,” she quickly reminds herself.” So much for Imani and Jazmin’s newfound friendship.

Britten asks Imani if she was intentionally vague about Phil’s absence because of her past comments about Jazmin’s husband and her home looking like that of a drug dealer. Imani is adamant that she was only keeping mum because she was waiting for the Essence magazine to come out first. She does admit, however, that when asked what line of work Phil was in she referred to it as “health and wellness” instead of calling it what it is, a cannabis dispensary.

Is all the chatter about Phil’s absence warranted after Imani’s unsavory comments from last season or is Jazmin just taking this as an opportunity to vindicate herself? Tune in next week as the drama continues to unfold!


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