‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Feels ‘Lonely’ and ‘Sad’ After Visiting Daughter WITHOUT Husband!

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Meri Brown confessed her lonely heart on social media after visiting her daughter, Mariah, without her distant hubby, Kody Brown.

Meri shared her thoughts on Facebook Sunday night, only weeks after TLC aired Kody commenting that he “regretted” the duo’s once legal union.

Sister Wives

“This has been a busy and fun and amazing and now sort of sad weekend. I took my mom home, I guess it’s fair that she go quarantine with some of my sisters too, not just me lol! Also, Mariah seemed to want her puppy back,” Meri wrote on Facebook. 

Meri Brown remarked that her house felt “quiet and lonely” after returning home. 

“But, you know me, just right back at it! I’ve already got a few batches of rice crispy treats made for you, and I’m pulling your orders, getting them ready to ship tomorrow and Tuesday,” Meri added. 

Fans know that Meri, 49, works as a LuLaRoe clothing rep. Meri shared a yoga snap with Mariah — but it was clear that Kody, 51, was not in the travel picture. Kody and Meri ignored their 30th wedding anniversary on social media in April, after a brutal marriage counseling session was featured on the show. 

Meri mourns the loss of what we had… I regret what we had,” Kody said, during the episode.

 “The relationship he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over. I want a relationship with him,” Meri shared, during the session.  

Kody Brown added that he was “deceived into a relationship,” and “didn’t know” who he was marrying. 

Viewers have been nudging Meri to leave the polygamous marriage for years — but she has yet to make a move. 

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. 


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