‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Refuses Hospital Birth Despite FATCO Diagnosis — Endangers Daughter’s Life!

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Maddie Brown Bush

TLC aired the birth of Maddie Brown Brush’s baby on Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives — and the young mom commented for the first time on her baby’s FATCO syndrome diagnosis. Kody Brown’s daughter and husband, Caleb Brush, welcomed baby Evangalynn in August, and viewers witnessed the infant being transported to a hospital, after having alarming respiratory issues. 

Maddie Brown Bush

Maddie assured viewers that Evie’s early struggle had nothing to do with her FATCO — fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome condition. Caleb even shared that he wondered “What in the world is going on with my daughter?” as the newborn was whisked from the birthing center to a local hospital. 

Evie was not transferred to the hospital because of the FATCO syndrome,” Maddie said, during the episode. “She was transferred to the hospital because of her blood oxygen levels. Because her lungs were not doing what they’re supposed to.”

Maddie Brown Bush

Maddie Brown Brush’s explanation reflects an incomplete assessment. 

A little research reveals that Evie’s breathing problems could have been  directly linked to FATCO syndrome. This calls into question why the couple chose to deliver in an ill equipped birthing center, two hours from their home — and why the facility even agreed to deliver a baby with such a high risk factor. 

According to the NIH — National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences/GARD — Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, 30-79% of people  born with this condition suffer from respiratory insufficiency/ impairment. See chart below.

Sister Wives

Maddie Brown Brush’s gave a hint to her anti-hospital state of mind during the episode. 

“Birth is not an emergency. And I feel that hospitals are for emergencies,” Maddie said.  

Viewers slammed the family on social media after Maddie delivered her first child in a cluttered Brown home, enduring a dangerously long labor and dicey delivery, in 2017. 

Sister Wives has wrapped its season — but questions remain, as the polygamous clan goes on hiatus.  


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