RECAP: MJ FINALLY Admits Involvement In Adam Cheating Rumors On ‘Shahs of Sunset’

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We’re back in LA for this week’s Shahs of Sunset. We open our episode with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi and Destiney Rose at the plastic surgeon’s office to get injections. GG’s trying to forget her miscarriage and recent surgery to remove her fallopian tubes by getting her face plumped. 

Destiney Rose wrings her hands over the fact that their friend group is still splintered. GG and Reza Farahan are on the outs with Mercedes “MJ” Javid. We see flashbacks of the good old days, when GG and MJ were buds. But now, GG doesn’t want anything to do with her former pal.

The doc comes in to deliver Botox and fillers. GG loves the pain of the needles. It’s therapeutic for her. Then it’s Destiney’s turn. Needles freak her out. GG laughs and takes video of Destiney’s pain.

Reza Farahan and Mike Shouhed meet up at an adult arcade. They have fun playing air hokey and eating junk food. A robot makes them cocktails, and they indulge in corn dogs and cheeseburgers. 

Reza Farahan admits his marriage to Adam is hanging on by a thread. He puts the blame for his marital woes on MJ, saying she encouraged Ali and Destiney to out Adam for his sexting and sending dick pics to other men. But Mike points out that Adam should be taking the blame for this, since it was his dick in the pics.

Mike Shouhed thinks all parties need to own their share in this ongoing drama. Reza agrees and now wants to apologize for telling everyone MJ had multiple abortions. Mike urges him to fix things with MJ as soon as possible.

Tommy, MJ, Baby Shams, and MJ’s assistant drive along the LA streets as MJ reads the text she received from Reza. He admits he lashed out at her because of Adam’s indiscretions. He wants to meet up and talk. But MJ isn’t so willing to forgive and forget. Reza shared all her personal medical information online and called the police on her husband, Tommy.

She plans to meet up with Reza, to see if he’ll do the right thing — finally. Though we’re not really sure what that is. Tommy is livid at the thought. He doesn’t believe Reza has any redeeming qualities at all. Reza should grovel for MJ’s forgiveness, but Tommy’s not holding his breath.

Meanwhile, Nema Vand heads to a venue for one of his clients. His company does branding content, and now he’s working for a country music festival. He’s invited the entire group to Boots & Brews, and hopefully Reza and MJ can get along for one day. He’s been trying to get these two former friends together all season. Maybe this time he’ll have some success?

Destiney heads to a hotel to plan a sexy birthday weekend for Sam, Sara Jeihooni’s brother. Though Des and Sam aren’t exclusive, she wants some quality time with him on his big day. Sara is still trying to dissuade Sam from seeing Destiney, but neither of them care about her opinion. 

MJ and Reza Farahan strike out to the bar where they’ll have their first meeting since the infamous pool party. MJ wants to bring some sense and calm to the situation. Reza arrives first and orders a cocktail. When MJ enters the bar, his eyes fill with tears. He brings her a gift for the baby. Too little, too late, since he couldn’t bother to show up at the hospital. He’d planned on giving Shams a baby bracelet, but in anger, Reza flushed it down the toilet. 

Reza Farahan

As Reza Farahan speaks, his voice quivers and he puts on his sunglasses to hide his tears. We see past arguments between MJ and Reza. Over the years, they’ve had a lot of blowouts and a lot of makeups. This is an old pattern between them.

Reza finally removes his sunglasses. He says he didn’t see MJ in the hospital because Ali claimed MJ put him up to talking about Adam’s sexting on camera. Reza thought he was going to hear details about Adam’s night of naked Jenga, but instead, he was confronted with a stack of texts from Ali and other men. Ali accused Adam of sexually harassing him and a bunch of other dudes from the gym. Reza claims that shocked him, and he laid the blame MJ’s shoulders. MJ says she didn’t orchestrate it. Either way, Reza has been in a dark place without MJ, and his life at home has been miserable. Reza cries openly.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid wonders why Reza didn’t call her and instead of lashing out in anger. Why didn’t MJ call him, he demands. Um, because she had a difficult pregnancy followed by life-threatening surgery, you moron!

MJ isn’t letting him off the hook. Destiney lied to Reza. MJ says she’s innocent in this whole debacle. Then Reza came to a pool party and outed her personal information on camera. Next, he disclosed her medical information online. And when Tommy found out, he threw some plants around Reza’s backyard. Reza interrupts, saying it was more serious than that. Tommy threatened to kill Reza. Reza and Adam were terrified for their safety. 

MJ’s not sorry about Tommy’s reaction. She’s still angry with Reza, who now says he’s forgiven Tommy. He won’t press any charges. MJ apologizes that she wasn’t there to support Reza during this difficult time.

Reza wants get back to being friends by starting with baby steps. MJ’s open to introducing the baby to Reza. In the end, they hug it out. Then the tender moment is ruined when MJ tells him he has some body funk.

That was that.

We’re back with Destiney and Sam. He comes into the hotel restaurant strutting along with one of those loping swaggers that afflict young, cocky men. He tells Destiney she looks great. Then he tries to eat her face, and winds up burping. Then he shakes his head, wobbles his lips, and babbles nonsense. I can’t help but wonder if he’s taken some chemical as an appetizer. When he starts licking her arm and burping in her ear ten more times, it turns her off.

The day for Boots & Brews has finally arrived. Nema wears cut off shorts, a sleeveless plaid shirt, and boat shoes. He doesn’t look countrified in the least. He’s got drones and professional photogs on the job to make the festival look good online.

Shervin Roohparvar and Reza drop by Mike’s house. Paulina lets them in. Though all the men are sporting plaid shirts, they don’t look like country music fans.

Sara stops by GG’s place. GG’s wearing Gucci tights and a cowboy hat. She’ll have to have access to a wheelchair, per doctor’s orders. She needs to rest as often as possible.

When Destiney Rose arrives at Mike’s, the others wonder where Sam is. Sam is history. She didn’t even bother sleeping with him the night before. After dinner, they went back to the room and she got her suitcase and left.

Everyone but MJ takes a party bus. Nema meets her on a scooter he’s snagged for GG. Nema tells MJ about GG’s surgery. When MJ hears about the seriousness of GG’s medical condition, she tells us she still cares about her old friend.

Back on the bus, GG says she’ll be polite to MJ, but that’s it. Mike wants to know why GG has such a hate on for Mercedes? Because she’s not a good person! News flash, GG. None of you are good people. If you were, you wouldn’t even be on this show.

Reza tells the group that he believes MJ was involved in bringing Adam’s indiscretions to light. But he’s decided to forgive her anyway. 

When the bus arrives at the venue, MJ greets everyone. There’s some awkward silence. GG hops on her scooter and gets her drink on. They all head across the field to the VIP cabin, which is a tent, not a cabin. No one is really talking to MJ, but they all take a group selfie anyway.

While everyone wanders around with cocktails and barbeque, Nema goes backstage to take pictures. Around the table, Mike stands and confronts MJ. What did she know about naked Jenga? She admits she knew that Ali wanted to bring up an issue with Reza. She claims she didn’t know what Ali wanted to discuss — it’s all kind of obscure. Mike raises his bullshit flag. Ali is a blabbermouth. There’s no way he wouldn’t have told MJ every dirty detail about the texts he received from Adam. Mike calls her a liar to her face.

Reza says he doesn’t believe that MJ is telling the truth, either. He wants to get to a good place with her, and to do that, he needs the truth. MJ thanks him and admits her hands aren’t clean. She knew about naked Jenga and all those inappropriate texts. She apologizes for her part. She should have gone to Reza to tell him beforehand.

They all accept her apology. At least to her face. MJ is certain her friendship with Reza will get back on track.

GG isn’t buying this apology. She wants Reza to see the truth about MJ. She’s a liar and a backstabber. There’s no changing that.

As night falls, the bands play. The group tries their hand at line dancing. As they order ice cream, GG starts feeling ill. She heads back to the bus, and Shervin checks on her. She’s in pain and needs a medic. 

They call a firetruck. GG puts off going to the hospital to make sure she’s not bleeding internally. She believes her pain isn’t from the surgery. She had mac and cheese earlier, and she’s lactose intolerant. MJ comforts GG, but GG is skeptical about how much Mercedes really cares about her.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid calls Mike Shouhed on the way home to make sure GG is all right. GG just rolls her eyes in disbelief.

And that ends our episode. So, do you think MJ told the whole truth this time? Is GG just a drama queen? And what the hell was wrong with Sam?


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