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Eva Marcille Says She Reps ‘Smart and Well-Spoken’ Black ‘RHOA’ Viewers Unlike ‘Ratchet’ NeNe Leakes!

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Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille is not finished with NeNe Leakes — after the Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran said she wanted Eva to lose her peach.

Eva Marcille, 35, clapped back hard via The Rickey Smiley Morning — and labeled NeNe a “wide backed lady” and “no storyline NeNe” in a scathing Instagram post. She also slammed NeNe’s claim that her role was irrelevant within the Real Housewives of Atlanta narrative. 

“First and foremost, I was not in Greece because I was pregnant. Now, NeNe, who’s 55, doesn’t remember maybe being pregnant because that was 20 years ago for her. But I’m a 35-year-old woman with my family and beautiful husband, and I’m continuing to make a family,” Eva snapped in response to NeNe’s shade. “As far as my relevance on the show, I choose not to — every single day — to be ratchet. There’s already enough ratchet, i.e. her, on the show. Why do you need two?”

Eva Marcille believes that she reps “smart and well-spoken” black viewers, and added that she checked in with the cast via Facetime, while they were on a cast trip in Greece. 

“If I’m that boring, you spent time in your interview talking about me because your storyline is the fact that you have no storyline,” Eva Marcille said.

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However, Eva Marcille, won’t get a chance to confront NeNe Leakes in typical reunion showdown form, due to the current world health situation. According to Kandi Burruss, the reunion will be filmed online. She revealed the news during an Instagram LIVE session on Friday.

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know that Eva Marcille and NeNe Leakes were friends when Eva came on the show — but that their friendship has since hit the rocks. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights, at 8 p.m. ET, on Bravo. 


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