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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Out Robyn Brown’s Crying and Complaining!

Sister Wives - Robyn Brown

Loyal Sister Wives fans have followed the Kody Brown family from Utah to Las Vegas to Flagstaff — but appear to be getting tired of Robyn Brown’s go-to response to the ups and downs of the TLC rollercoaster.  

Bugged viewers have been sounding off on social media about Robyn Brown’s constant complaining and frequent crying jags — and want her to shut off the waterworks. 

Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives Sister Wives

The Browns have been navigating a massive relocation to Flagstaff, Arizona — and feeling the fallout as they struggle to resettle as a polygamous family.  Kody and Robyn Brown — the only legal wife, recently bought a huge 5 bedroom house and a parcel of adjacent land for close to $900k. 

It looks like fans have had enough of Robyn Brown’s soggy storyline. Will the     ginormous new house be enough to dry up Robyn’s tears?  

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