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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Nene Leakes Drags Kenya Moore & Ready To Put Paws On Her In Greece!

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Nene Leakes Ready To Put Paws On Kenya Moore Her In Greece!


Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — Grecian style. Let the plate smashing begin!

The ladies set out for a day in Greece. On the bus ride into town, Kandi Burruss informs all of the ladies about her baby shower and announces that she plans to have her surrogate, Shadina, in attendance. Later Kandi confesses that she has zero plans to cut Shadina out of her life once the baby is here. She’s even considered hiring her to help out with the new restaurant. Super Shadina: Surrogate by day and restaurant manager by night…

Cynthia Bailey surprises all of the ladies when she discloses that Mike Hill would love to have another baby with her. The ladies call BS but Cynthia says she still gets her period so technically she could get pregnant, Oh and speaking of periods- she’s actually late. Maybe she’s already pregnant. LOL. Suuuure, Jan.

Kandi Burruss plans a nice lunch for the ladies — 100 feet in the air in a glorified construction crane. NeNe Leakes, who is notoriously afraid of heights, requires copious amounts of wine to make it through the meal.

Speaking of wine, Kenya Moore decides to take it upon herself to test her BFF Cynthia’s knowledge of wine and essentially calls her out for not knowing what wines pair with what foods. She takes it one step further when she demands that Cynthia name four types of red wine. 

Finally, Kandi Burruss shuts Kenya’s messy a** down when she asks her how many bottles of wine she’s selling at her spot. Mic drop. Of course, Kenya Moore can’t ever let anyone have the last word and takes one last shot at Cynthia stating “I don’t mess with anything I don’t know about.” Geez Cynthia. With friends like Kenya who needs enemies?

After lunch, the ladies visit the local markets and shop till they drop. While jewelry shopping, Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam stumble across bracelets adorned with the “evil eye.” According to the salesperson, the evil eye is used to warn off all bad energy. Porsha and Tanya immediately snatch up three of them, one for each of them and another for their friend Cynthia who needs one to fight off the evil spirit that is Kenya Moore.

The ladies finally get to let out some pent up frustration and anger by participating in an authentic plate smashing experience. Something tells me Kenya was pretending all of her plates were her estranged husband’s face.

Later in her talking head interview, Kenya Moore loses her s*** when the producers ask her to explain the difference between Tanya Sam outing her for wearing a wig versus her calling out Cynthia’s wine knowledge (or lack thereof.)

Once back at the villa, Porsha and Tanya gift Cynthia with the evil eye bracelet explaining she could probably use it after being interrogated by her so-called friend Kenya.

Cynthia Bailey claims that at the time she thought Kenya was just joking but admits that later it did leave her feeling some type of way. She also says that if the tables were turned Kenya wouldn’t have received it so well. Later, Cynthia confesses in her talking head that she’s definitely guilty of giving Kenya a pass at times.

The next day, the ladies visit a winery and participate in a wine tasting. The tour guide demonstrates how a professional wine tasting is done: “Snif, swirl, then spit or swallow.” Cue the BJ jokes.

After the demonstration, Porsha pulls NeNe aside for a heart-to-heart. She goes on to tell NeNe that in order for them to get completely past all of the drama she needs to explain just how hurt she was by her. She then admits that when everything went down between them she was deep in the midst of postpartum depression.

NeNe Leakes is brought to tears and gives Porsha a genuine apology. The ladies share a warm embrace and cry so hard their lashes fall off. Maybe Marlo Hampton can get her glam squad to fix them right up.

Meanwhile Kenya, or should I say Ken, appears to be somewhat remorseful for the way she treated her friend the day prior and buys Cynthia a box of wine. Or maybe she was just being shady again. Who really knows?

After the wine tasting, the ladies share a peaceful dinner-minus the stray cats circling their table. Even Tanya Sam comments “I feel like we’re having the best trip. Everyone’s getting along.” LOL GIRL. FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

Back at the house, everything goes to hell in a handbasket when Porsha and Tanya host a “ruin party” in which all of the ladies are instructed to go around and put everything out on the table with one another.

First up, Cynthia confronts Kenya for being shady regarding her wine knowledge. Kenya is adamant that she meant absolutely nothing by it and Cynthia immediately drops it. So predictable.

NeNe calls Cynthia out for not holding Kenya accountable and NeNe and Kenya immediately start going at it.

NeNe Leakes calls Kenya a “big ass bully” and a “negative Betty.” In turn, Kenya calls NeNe “bipolar” to which NeNe replies that Kenya is actually the bipolar one and that’s why her husband left her. According to NeNe, “Marc is twirling right on out of that marriage, him and his nose ring.” She then continues to read Kenya — citing her fake contacts, blow up booty and wig. SHOTS FIRED. I REPEAT SHOTS FIRED!

Nene Leakes

Somehow, Porsha and Tanya are able get the ladies back on track to continue the game but not for long. Kenya then decides to thank Tanya for being compassionate during such a hard time for her but then in the very same breath calls her out for never apologizing over outing her for wearing the wig. Umm, excuse me WUT?

This riles NeNe Leakes up all over again and before we know it NeNe is out of her chair lunging at Kenya.

Will the rest of the ladies be able to calm NeNe Leakes down and keep the peace or will World War III ensue? Tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta next week to find out!


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