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RECAP: Teresa Giudice Says Joe’s Family Blames Her For His Incarceration On ‘RHONJ’ Reunion!

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Joe’s Family Blames Teresa Giudice!


Welcome back to the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part two. We’re still discussing Jennifer Ayden’s bad habit of throwing tableware at Melissa Gorga. 

A viewer asks why Teresa Giudice never has her sister-in-law’s back. Well, according to Teresa, Melissa never stands up for her either. So, there! Melissa has taken Jackie Goldschneider’s side in arguments all season, so why should Teresa back Melissa when it comes to her fight with Jen?

Teresa Giudice is still holding a grudge about the time Melissa called her ignorant. And why did Teresa want to leave the Hamptons with Jen? If Melissa left with Margaret Josephs, for example, Teresa would screech so high, only dogs in the neighborhood would be able hear her.

Jen is still pissed that Melissa called Jackie a winner and said she was setting her kids up for life because she’s a saver, not a spender. Jen didn’t understand that Melissa wasn’t putting her down. She was lifting Jackie up. But then again, there seem to be a lot of things Jen doesn’t comprehend.

Jennifer Aydin

Jen finally apologizes for throwing the knife at lunch in the Hamptons. Melissa accepts and secures a promise that Jen won’t throw anything in the future.

Andy Cohen touches on the Superbowl commercial with Teresa and Caroline Manzo. Caroline reached out to Teresa’s lawyer. They set up a conference call and started arguing immediately. Teresa thinks Caroline was a “fucking shitty person”. She’s still bitter that Melissa and Kathy Wakile pushed their way onto her show, and Caroline befriended them. The nerve!

Andy Cohen

Previously, Teresa blamed Caroline for turning her into the Feds. But Dolores Catania says there’s no way Caroline ratted on Teresa. Teresa, who can barely string four words together, admits that she doesn’t always explain things well. She now says, with the help of Andy and Dolores, the things Caroline said on the show contributed to her conviction. This woman still can’t take responsibility for anything she’s done.

When called on the carpet, Teresa says she’s not blaming anyone. She just thinks Caroline is a bad person.

Teresa Giudice is now separated from Juicy Joe. She’s finally told the girls that they’re getting a divorce. We see flashbacks of Teresa and Joe arguing with every phone call. He tried to make Teresa feel like no one else would want her. And she doesn’t believe that Juicy protected her.

The girls are still sticking up for Juicy. Teresa is glad the girls love her father, but she wants them to understand that he hasn’t treated her well over the years. Teresa admits that he only spoke poorly to her on the show. In real life, they were perfectly happy. Do you buy that? Because I don’t. Even Melissa says that’s just not true. His attitude came out more with the cameras, but he wasn’t good to her. Melissa tells Teresa she can do better.

Teresa Giudice

Andy says he ran into Teresa in Miami. She was surrounded by men, and Andy hoped she was getting her pipes cleaned. Classy, Cohen! But Teresa says the man who was hanging all over her was just a friend.

We see a flashback of Marge talking about Teresa holding hands with another man. And boy, is Teresa pissed about it. Marge also made a dig about younger men. Teresa says her kids didn’t know the tabloids showed her with another man. Juicy’s brother shared the gossip with Gia, and that’s when shit hit the fan. Juicy’s family blames Teresa and the show for his incarceration.

Jackie apologizes for making snarky comments about Teresa cheating on Juicy. The women weren’t in a good place at the time. And Margaret doesn’t care if Teresa was cheating, because Marge doesn’t have a leg to stand on in that department.

Teresa Giudice says she hasn’t gotten laid since she was with Juicy. And that includes the pool guy. Teresa wants someone who makes her laugh. She wants a nice Jewish man. And Jackie knows lots of them. Teresa says she needs someone to be kind and gentle to her. 

She also admits she’d try to get pregnant with a boy if she found a new man. Melissa confronts Jen. Is it all right if Teresa freezes her eggs? If Melissa does it, it’s exploitative. Teresa isn’t too self-absorbed to have another kid, according to Jen. Melissa looks at her in disbelief.

Next the men step onto the stage, and they’re all carrying Jen’s husband, Bill, just like they did when he was at the Jersey Shore. Andy congratulates Bill for making Jen look beautiful with his mad surgery skills. 

Frank and Joe G. kissed each other during the season. Frank admits that Joe’s a mighty good kisser. And in the romance department, Frank is seeing someone. But he doesn’t bring her back to the house he shares with Dolores and her boyfriend, Dr. David. Because that would just be weird, right? This new woman is only thirty-years-old. The men all clap for Frank bagging a younger woman.

Joe B., Marge’s husband, is finally allowing other contractors to step into the house to fix it up. Joe has to approve of each worker and be friends with them. I guess he’s worried about Marge stepping out with the drywall guy. 

Evan says he has a lot of friends he can set up with Teresa. Word on the street is that Jewish men make the best husbands and are pretty fantastic in bed. And on that note, Jackie said this season that she doesn’t give blowies. Evan isn’t too bothered by the depravation.

We see a flashback package of the men talking about sex throughout the season. We see Joe G. confronting Bill about giving it to his wife more than once a month. Then he’s shocked when Bill stalked off.

Joe G. defends the fact that he pulled up Danielle Staub’s sex video but doesn’t want his daughter to take sex education. Isn’t that hypocritical? Um, no. And why wouldn’t he pull up Danielle’s sex tape? That’s just human nature to be curious.

Frank says he and Dolores won’t get back together. He never thought for a second that David was going to propose to his ex. He thinks Dolores will eventually break up with Dr. David.

Andy asks Evan what he thought about the argument between Jen and Jackie, where Jen accused Jackie of being cheap with her children, especially when it comes to birthday parties. Evan says his kids have a pretty sweet life, but they try hard not to spoil their twins. He wants his kids to earn what they get.

Bill says he isn’t into criticizing other people. Andy makes a quip that Bill leaves that to his wife. But look, Bill says, if there are adults at the party, they need their own food. Pizza just isn’t good enough. Jen admits she goes overboard with her kids’ parties.

When Andy asks about Bill only getting laid once a month, Jen tells Joe G. that at least her husband isn’t shooting blanks. Whoa! But Joe says his three sperm are hearty. Jen says little Olivia is finally out of their bed, and they’re now hitting it once a week. Joe G. takes total responsibility for the uptick in their sex life.

Jennifer Aydin

Bill says there’s more to life than sex. If his wife is in the mood, it’s all good. Jen says she doesn’t even have time to go to the bathroom by herself. She doesn’t always want to get it on because she has no time to herself.

We see a package of the men talking about sex. Jackie and Evan don’t do oral. Joe G. has sex five times a week. Melissa says it’s more like three or four. Jackie defends her lack of oral, saying it’s not her thing. Evan’s fine with it, too. So, there you go. More than you wanted to know, but if you’re like me, you won’t be able to look at the two of them without thinking about them in the missionary position. Jen, Teresa, and Dolores aren’t that hip with oral either. 

Though Jen says Bill might not get sex, but she doles out blow jobs willynilly. Marge says she and her hubs have sex in the morning and the afternoon, but not after dinner. She’s too full. Frank kind of admits that he and Dolores have hooked up, but he’s sticking to Dolores’ version of events.

The husbands duck out. We see Danielle show up. She puts her dog in a stroller, because apparently, she can’t be without her pooch for one day. She heads backstage to get ready. The women haven’t seen or talked to Danielle since Melissa broke up with her at the Jersey Shore.

When Jen made fun of Jackie early in the season, it fractured their fragile friendship. We see Jen making offensive moves toward every woman in the group (except Teresa). She apologizes, but her behavior never changes. A viewer points out that Jen’s daughter, Gabby, was on the receiving end of bullying this year. So, isn’t Jen a hypocrite for posting a video where she mocks Jackie? Hey, Jen didn’t post the video—Teresa did. But Jackie says Jen is a bad role model who justifies her bad behavior.

Jen calls Jackie boring and very vanilla. Money can’t buy you class, but it can’t buy a personality either. Jen says the whole fiasco wasn’t her fault. Teresa figures Jackie’s an adult, and if she didn’t like the video, too damn bad. Jackie says Jen was laughing at her, not with her. She felt betrayed.

Jennifer Aydin

Jen thinks everyone tiptoes around Teresa. Melissa says Jen is the only one who walks on eggshells with Tre. 

A viewer says Jackie should be embarrassed about the party she threw for her boys. Jackie says pre-adolescent boys don’t give a shit about table decorations or party favors. There’s no shame in her party game.

Jen keeps interrupting. She butts in with Jackie. When Andy asks if Melissa would throw a party like that, she admits she throws over the top shindigs. And once more, Jen interrupts. Dolores says that when she went to divorce court, she brought pics of the parties she threw for her kids. It didn’t really go over well with the judge. And you’ll be shocked to know that Jen interrupts when Dolores tries to speak.

Dolores says Jen’s gaffes aren’t coming from a bad place. Even though she can’t stop talking for two seconds.

Jen says that her parents never gave her extravagant birthday parties, even when they had money. She always felt bad compared to her friends from school.

Jackie says that the party might not have been the most elaborate, but her kids love the Denver Nuggets. They’ll often hop a plane and sit courtside. So see? She can be a fun mom, too. But she’s not a showoff. 

Jen says she’s not a showoff either. In fact, she’s a very thrifty shopper. Until it comes to Chanel. That’s her one exception. The other women laugh at her.

Jackie tries to say she’s not extra when it comes to her kids. And Jen interrupts. When Melissa and Marge whisper that Jen is desperate for attention, Jen doesn’t like it. She yells at them to be quiet. Kettle? Meet the pot.

Jackie says Jen is a toxic person, and they won’t be friends in the future. Jen says, “Ditto.”

Meanwhile, Danielle wants to sit next to Andy when she comes out on stage. She wants to be heard without Marge butting in.

We see a sneak peek of next week’s episode where Danielle refuses to come out of the green room. Andy has to go in and try to calm the savage beast.

So, what are your thoughts on Jen constantly chiming in and talking over people? And is she right about spending money if you have it?


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