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‘RHOA’ RECAP: Kenya Moore Claims Marc Daly Cheated During Their Marriage!

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Welcome back to an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! OPA!

The entire cast is SHOOK after reading both Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s divorce statements. While most aren’t shocked the couple is splitting they all agree that the timing is really suspect with the announcement coming out less than 48 hours after the charity event they hosted together.

Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss pay Kenya Moore a visit in an effort to rally around and support their friend. While there, Kenya confesses to them that things “got really bad” in the car ride home after the charity event and resulted in their Uber driver asking Marc to get out of the car. As far as the divorce goes she admits that she doesn’t want to get a divorce but Marc Daly forced her hand by putting out a public statement so she had to follow suit with her own.

Then she drops a major bomb admitting that she’s known about another woman that Marc Daly has stayed in contact with during their marriage. She says she even called to confront the woman after finding text messages between the two discussing sex. Someone better get Jerry Springer on the line… this is worse than we all thought.

She tells the ladies she’s not sure if she’ll be able to make the trip to Greece with everything going on and she’s most worried that the other ladies are going to take pleasure in her pain. Don’t worry Kenya I don’t think Tanya Sam has any plans of bringing Marc’s side piece all the way to Greece just to parade her around in front of you. That’s something only you would do.

On the day of the trip, all of the ladies meet at the airport along with Porsha Williams’ plus two- Mama Diane and baby PJ. Well, everyone except Kenya Moore, that is. Kandi takes a moment to address everyone (aka Marlo Hampton and Nene Leakes) and ask them to mind their manners around Kenya Moore and try to not talk about the divorce. Cynthia chimes in and pleads with them to just be sensitive about the situation.

Once they touch down in Greece they’re all met with a big surprise when Kenya Moore joins them on the bus. Turns out she missed her flight but was able to catch a different one and now she’s here. She even brought Brooklyn and her nanny. She boards the bus and immediately the awkward small talk ensues with everyone dancing around the elephant on the bus that is Kenya’s fresh separation…

That is until the dreaded room situation rears it’s ugly head as it does on EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP. Good grief. Turns out two people will have to share a room and Kandi and Kenya have arranged a few games for the ladies to compete for their rooms. Cynthia makes it clear, however, that she will not be sharing a room as she will need to be FaceTiming her man every night. TMI, Cynthia, TMI.

Once they arrive at the villa, the ladies get down to the business of winning their rooms. In the end, Cynthia vows to do the dishes in order to have her pick of rooms, Nene takes off all of her makeup including lashes to get her pick, and Porsha jumps in the pool with all of her clothes and her Go Naked Hair to get her pick. Poor Tanya gets stuck with the jail cell aka the room with no window. Is it just me or is Tanya the Gretchen Weiners of this group???

Before dinner, Cynthia pulls Nene aside and asks her if she would be willing to talk with Kenya and offer her some words of advice since she and Gregg Leakes have been together for so long and also experienced hard times. Nene graciously agrees to talk with Kenya stating that she is genuinely concerned about her.

Before dinner, Nene attempts to break the ice and asks Kenya if she still has her dogs Twirl and Swirl or whatever their names are but it doesn’t appear that Kenya has any desire to make small talk with Nene.

Once dinner is served it appears everything is going smoothly as the ladies continue to make chit chat. Kandi confesses that she’s currently on a diet to watch her figure as she will be shooting a sex scene with another man and Todd is none too pleased about it. Todd probably wishes she was still going for the role of the “soft stud.”

Marlo proposes a toast to the “beautiful hosts” of the trip, Kandi and Kenya and MAN, does she lay it on thickkk. Nene seizes the moment to address Kenya and acknowledges that although they’re not close she genuinely wants to know if Kenya is okay.

Instead of receiving Nene’s olive branch Kenya snubs Nene once again by acknowledging every lady in the group minus Nene for their kindness and support during such a difficult time.

Cynthia attempts one last Hail Mary to get the two to communicate with one another when she asks that both Nene and Kenya stay behind after dinner to “fellowship” but Kenya shuts her down real quick stating that she has plans to go straight to bed. Nene offers up that she would be fine to stay back and fellowship to which Kenya responds “NOPE.” Well alrighty then. After Kenya’s blatant disrespect, Nene sees red and later recants her olive branch of support, stating “F KENYA.”

Back in the kitchen while doing the dishes, Kandi tries to reason with Kenya and talk her into meeting Nene halfway. Kenya resolves to take Nene a piece of Baklava but it proves to be too little too late. Nene excuses herself to her room to retire for the evening.

Kandi catches Nene on the stairs and tries to persuade her to come back outside and talk with Kenya but Nene sticks to her guns stating she’s tried several times to talk with her and each time Kenya has turned her nose up at her.

Kandi points out that Nene and Kenya have had a tumultuous past but Nene interrupts her saying “She’s right. I’m wrong. I F’d her man and stole her baby” before storming off to her room. Welp, so much for a nice evening.

Something tells me this trip to Greece will definitely end in some plate smashing. Tune in next week as the drama continues!


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