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NeNe Leakes Says Marc Daly Dumped Kenya Moore Because She’s Bi-Polar In Explosive Fight!

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It’s no secret that NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have been at each others throats on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and while NeNe has attempted to make amends with all her co-stars — things take an ugly turn between the ladies during a cast trip to Greece.

During a group dinner in Greece, the ladies engaged in a discussion where each person wears a crown and speaks their mind without interruption. When it’s NeNe Leakes turn, she announces that she has nothing else to say. And Kenya uses the opportunity to take a job at her nemesis.

“I have nothing else to say” NeNe Leakes tells Porsha Williams as she places the crown on her head.

“You had plenty to say a minute ago,” the freshly separated Kenya Moore mumbles.

“I’ve said all I needed to sayyyyyyyyy, if you don’t have a crown you should be shutting the f*ck up!” NeNe snaps at Kenya.

Kenya Moore clapped back with some below the belt shade — calling NeNe “Bi-Polar.”

“What’s wrong with you? Is this the Bi-Polar NeNe. Ms. Bi-Polar.” Kenya Moore says.

“NO, you’re Bi-Polar bitch!” NeNe Leakes shouted at Kenya. “There is no one more Bi-Polar in this circle than YOU…you are bi-polar!”

Kenya interrupts NeNe, “That’s why you had to grovel and ask to be friends with everybody.”

The ladies engage in a shouting match and the situation escelates.

“Bipolar Kenya…come get your medication.” NeNe yells across the table.

“That’s why your husband left bitch because you’re Bi-Polar!!!” NeNe responds. 

Press play below to watch the drama unfold.


The cast trip to Greece occurred shortly after Kenya Moore’s marriage to Marc Daly ended and he announced the split.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live — NeNe Leakes shared that she has zero compassion for Kenya’s marriage woes and calls her relationship misery — ‘karma.’

“It’s really hard to feel sorry for someone that does things to other people’s marriages and relationships,” Leakes continued. “She’s done it to Phaedra, she’s done it to Tanya, she’s done it to me, so it’s really hard to feel sorry, it’s almost like, well, karma’s a bitch.” 

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