EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love Is Blind’ Carlton Morton (Cynthia Bailey’s Former Assistant) Speaks Out After His Bi-Sexual Drama!

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Carlton Morton

Love Is Blind is a new reality dating show on Netflix, and the drama is EXPLOSIVE!

Love Is Blind depicts couples getting engaged before seeing each other face-to-face. Strangers meet and develop relationships without seeing one another in person until after one of them has proposed. The singles rotate through sequestered pods that allow them to talk to other people, like speed dating without the face-to-face, shaving down their list of potentials until they become couples with coherent storylines. 

Without a doubt, Carlton Morton, 34, and Diamond Jack, 28, are the breakout stars of the show after their blow-out breakup in the fourth episode.

Carlton MortonDiamond Jack

Carlton Morton recently made headlines after he revealed that he’s bisexual but failed to inform, Diamond Jack, before proposing to her. Naturally, his fiance unleashed on him and they got into a blowout fight at a resort in Mexico where glass was thrown.

Carlton Morton spoke exclusively with AllAboutTheTEA.com and addressed the harsh backlash after his bi-sexual reveal and the highs and lows of his relationship with Diamond Jack.

Q: Why did you decide to do this show? 

“I decided to do this experiment because throughout the years, I’ve found myself looking for true and unconditional love. Kinetic Content and Netflix created an opportunity for someone like me who lives fluid to tell my story MY way and on MY terms. I prayed about this experiment and surrendered to God. I felt like if it was meant to be, it would be. Being a part of this experience was definitely meant to be! I am forever grateful.”


Q: You’ve made appearances on other reality shows throughout the years and have a lot of reality TV “vets” in your life. Were you hesitant at all to put your life out there for the world to see? Did the people in your life that have been on reality TV for years give you any advice? 

“I’ve been blessed to work alongside Cynthia Bailey for many years now. As a result, I’ve appeared with her on Real Housewives of Atlanta since season 5 of the show. I’ve also been in random scenes on Basketball Wives with my cousin Malaysia Pargo. Both ladies gave me amazing advice. The main ‘take-away’ was just be yourself and ignore the outside noise. No matter what you do, SOMEONE will have something to say. One of my favorite quotes of advice from Cynthia is ‘Never let them see you sweat, and DON’T compromise your CHECK!’ Period. I agree. I’ve taken heed to their words. I know they have my best interest at heart.”

Carlton Morton previously made several appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta during season 5 as Cynthia Bailey’s assistant. While he was on that show, he was referred to as “Mr Couture.” Carlton Morton got into a fight with Kenya Moore during one episode while Cynthia held an audition for models and asked Kenya to help pick a woman for the magazine gig. When one woman walked in a bikini for the judges, Kenya said: “I’m not trying to be the mean girl, but why are you here? I’m just being truthful.” When a second model took the stage for the audition in a barely-there black bikini, Kenya made a “strip club” comment and called her out for not shaving. Carlton confronted Kenya for her harsh words.

Carlton Morton



Q: What attracted/connected you to Diamond over all of the other girls? 

“I was attracted to the fact that Diamond seemingly knew what she wanted in a man. She kept my attention. Going on dates with 15 people a day can be a lot. When it came time to rank my dates, I always found her in at least my top 5.”

Carlton Morton


Q: Ultimately, why did you decide to propose to Diamond? 

“I decided to propose to Diamond because of our connection. We connected on the loss of our fathers. It was like she helped me cope with hurt and trauma I had “swept under the rug” for years. As cliché as it sounds, I felt like I had known her my entire life. It was a tough decision because I was also interested in other people in the pods. It was insane and extremely emotional.”

Q: Why did you choose to hide your past from Diamond? Do you think she would have been accepting if you had told her up front? 

“I didn’t hide anything from Diamond. The plan was ALWAYS to tell her the truth about my past. I wanted to know things about her past also. I never received that privilege. If I would’ve told Diamond on day one, I worried she would not have accepted me nor given me a chance. This was a major thing to figure out how to tell her. I had not known her long. However, what I did know was that I was falling in love with her and should tell her as soon as possible. I believe that type of conversation is deserving of a face to face interaction, unlike what the pods afforded us.”


Q: Why did you and Diamond get into such a heated argument at the resort in Mexico? 

“There were moments where we both provoked emotion out of one another. Speaking for myself, I just wanted for things to be received a bit better. In the moment, we were heated. It just got out of control. I made a horrible mistake.”


Q: How do you feel about how you came off? 

“I feel like my response was irresponsible and hurtful to Diamond. I should not have let fear set in and get so defensive. I apologize to Diamond and have apologized to her in private/public. I still have so much love for her!”


Q: Any regrets from the experiment? Would you do it again? 

“I have no regrets. This experiment was absolutely amazing. Kinetic and Netflix protected my story as much as possible and made me feel safe in sharing anything I was comfortable sharing. I am forever grateful for the growth this experience has caused. I am still learning and growing. But anything not growing, is dead. I am alive, blessed, and making better decisions which will allow me to continue to stand firm in making a difference. I would absolutely do it again. I want to find love.”


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