RECAP: Reza Farahan Explodes After Ali Accuses Adam of Sexual Assault On ‘Shahs of Sunset’

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On the Shahs of Sunset, we begin this week’s episode by picking up where we left off last week, with Reza Farahan confronting his husband, Adam Neely, about playing strip Jenga. Adam denies, denies, denies. In fact, he acts affronted that Reza would even ask him such a crazy question and stomps off to bed, leaving Reza outside. Then he locks Reza out of the room.

Adam Neely finally relents and allows Reza into their bedroom and says he jokingly texted Ali, Destiney Rose’s friend, that he and his pals were playing strip games. But it was all just a laugh, see? Reza blames Adam for letting Ali get in tight with their friend group. 

During (Mercedes Javid) MJ’s bachelorette party in Vegas, Ali shit talked Adam behind his back. After that, Adam supposedly cut Ali out of their lives. Now, Reza’s angry that Adam let Ali back in. He thinks this is what Adam gets for being so stupid and should man up and take the blame for the rumors.

The next day, Mike Shouhed drops in for a dental visit with his brother, David. Both of Mike’s brothers are dentists. So…what happened with Mike? Yeah, that’s the question we’re all asking, and I’m sure his parents are, as well. Anyway, Mike is developing property now. He and his bros own a duplex and renovating it isn’t going to be cheap. Mike Shouhed’s other brother, Jonathan, joins in on the contract talk. They’re having to put a cool ten million into developing twenty-four new condos. And they’re hoping to get fifty million out of it. Mike says he’s living in the shadows of his more successful brothers. He’s hoping he can pull this remodel off. And he wants a salary, since he’ll be running the day to day operation at the site.

Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi AKA GG drops into a restaurant to meet newbie, Sara Jeihooni. GG needs positive people around her, and likes people who take care of themselves. (Uh huh. So, why has she been hanging with this crew for so long?) Sara fits the bill.

She’s has been involved in business development for the past seven years. She grew up in Indiana, with only a small Persian community around her. Being a Persian Muslim in Indiana was tough. GG says it was the same growing up in Palos Verdes, so she totes gets it!

And where does GG want to take her new pal? To a grunion run, of course. The grunions come ashore and mate like the little animals they are, under a full moon. It’s like Spring Break in Florida. According to GG, it’s supposed to be a spiritual experience. Sure. We’ll go with that.

Speaking of little grunions, MJ’s still pregnant. Which is good, because at one point in her pregnancy, her cervix started shrinking, which could mean trouble for the baby. She spent three-and-a-half months on bed rest. Once she made it to thirty-four weeks, her gallbladder stopped functioning, which was also trouble for her little boy. Now at thirty-six weeks, she’s getting induced.

The birth isn’t easy. MJ has an emergency C-section. The baby’s fine, but MJ has lost a lot of blood. She winds up losing her uterus and a fallopian tube. But little Shams is healthy. Reza wishes he was in the hospital with his pal, but he has to make do with texts from MJ’s husband, Tommy.

Across town, Reza calls Destiney to set up a meeting with Ali. Then he stops into the deli to see Mike and get treats for the upcoming Passover seder. As he and Mike grab a bite, Reza fills him in on the latest with MJ. Then they talk about Adam’s naked hanky panky and how Ali seems to be stirring up trouble. 

A rabbi stops and blesses Mike, who asks for prayers for MJ. Everything else seems to pale in comparison to their ill friend. At least for now.

Destiney, sporting a red wig, meets with Ali. She doesn’t want to be in the middle, between him and Reza. She swears Ali is a good guy, but Reza has a different opinion. And speaking of Reza, he comes in hot for the meet and greet. He wants to know Ali’s agenda. Ali throws MJ under the bus, saying she told him that Reza has been very unhappy in his marriage. What? That’s news to Reza.

Ali says Adam has sent lots of inappropriate texts, and Adam’s done that to other men, too. He threw around the words “sexual harassment” a few times. Ali comes prepared with printed screen shots. Reza remains unfazed. Adam sends that crap to all their friends. Yeah, it’s inappropriate, but that’s Adam for you. He’s just naïve!

Reza Farahan calls Ali a “fucking piece of shit” and warns him to stop saying Adam is a sexual harasser. Then Reza issues Destiney a warning: if she continues to be friends with Ali, she’ll be out of Reza’s life. He doesn’t want any of his pals associating with this guy. When Ali pulls more printouts from other people at the gym that Adam has also been harassing, Reza loses his shit.

Reza throws a glass of water on Ali, then rounds the table and pushes Ali toward the fireplace. Destiney holds Reza back, but she gets squeezed between the two men, this time literally. Reza stalks off, leaving behind a wet Ali and broken glass at the table.

So, while MJ is in ICU, recovering from almost bleeding out after childbirth, Reza calls her and questions her about what she said to Ali. Sorry, Reza, the doctor is coming, and MJ’s got more important things to deal with right now.

Destiney runs after Reza, screaming and crying. She doesn’t want Reza to blame her for any of this. But he does, because the messenger always wears a target.

Reza is confused. Is Adam cheating on him? Or is this some elaborate scheme Ali has created to cause drama?

Over at Mike’s house, he’s getting ready for a catered Passover. Nema Vand drops by and hands over a four-hundred-dollar t-shirt that he borrowed. What the hell? Nema didn’t have it dry cleaned? Nope. Just a quick tumble through the washing machine. Isn’t that good enough? Even Mike’s new girlfriend, Paulina, know that’s not enough.

Nema says he hung out with Destiney the night before. While they were together, he read Reza’s group text. Reza wants to know if any of his friends are going to talk to Ali, because if they are, he’s cutting them out of his life. Nema and Mike agree that Destiney wasn’t trying to be malicious by bringing the rumors to Reza, nevertheless, she’s going to have to deal with the fallout. Reza is pissed off and blaming her.

We finally catch back up with MJ and her newborn. Shams Francis is adorable. After birth, they whisked the baby away and realized MJ needed her uterus removed immediately, or she would have died. She’s angry that her childbearing years are now over. Besides that, Reza never even showed up at the hospital. What kind of friend is that?

And speaking of Reza, he’s livid with Adam. Adam’s “dumb” and lacks boundaries. All those text messages have now come back to bite him in the ass and are humiliating Reza in the process. How dare Adam, a married man, do such a disrespectful thing? Adam thought he was just joking about sex stuff with Ali. He wasn’t serious. Reza promises that if Adam keeps up this kind of behavior, he’s going to find himself in divorce court.

Adam admits that he was wrong, but he tells Reza to quit calling him “stupid”. Adam blames Destiney for not talking to the both of them together. Why go to Reza behind Adam’s back? Now, Reza say he never wants to hear gossip involving his husband. But just last week, he said he wanted all rumors to be brought to him, and he’d discover the truth.

Over at Mike’s, he’s getting ready for his big night by cleaning out his ear wax and squeezing his ass into a tight pair of pants. His parents arrive, and Paulina meets them at the door. Mike is still getting ready and finally makes his grand entrance once everyone shows up.

Mike Shouhed says that in the past, he could never live up to his parents’ expectations. And his parents agreed. Now, he’s finally on the right path to become the man they want him to be. 

Over dinner, Reza Farahan asks about the condo development. He’s shocked that Mike is the project manager. Reza thinks it would be better to sell the property as a potential investment to a seasoned buyer. His parents nod and doubt Mike is up to the task. All that optimism he felt earlier has now faded, and he’s back to being the sad loser he’s always been.

At grunion central, Destiney Rose says she’s feeling lost since her mom moved to Vegas six months ago. She thought her friends would be there for her, but now they’re all angry she repeated the rumor that Ali brought to her door. Still, she decides to head to Santa Monica with the group. 

GG tries to explain evolution and the pull of the moon and the big bang the… You know what? It doesn’t matter. She says a bunch of pseudo-scientific bullshit that boils down to her need to reproduce. And all that ties into grunions somehow. Sadly, there are no fish frolicking in the sand. 

Nema brings a message to Destiney from Adam. He’s pissed that she went to Reza with naked Jenga rumors. Nema is trying to bring calm to the situation by telling Adam to chill out and talk to Des. Now, he tells Destiney to make things right with Reza and Adam. Upset and angry for being singled out, Destiney storms off down the beach in tears.

GG wonders why Destiney got in the middle of Reza’s marriage. The day after the housewarming party, GG had a long talk with Ali. According to him, MJ encouraged Ali and Destiney to bring up the sexts from Adam. Destiney says she never even talked to MJ about this situation. But GG sees MJ pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

Fifteen minutes after our crew leaves, guess what? The grunions come out in full force. Apparently, our cast is a fishy cock block.

Back at Passover dinner, Mike Shouhed and his folks have a talk. They’re sort of, kind of against his taking over the construction project. Mom thinks he should have a salary, but she doubts whether he can manage the site to their satisfaction. Even Mike admits he’s had some business flops in the past. Remember Gold Shoes? Or his moving company? His parents tell him he can’t fail this time, because his brothers are putting their money into this investment. It’s not just his screwup. The whole family will suffer if he doesn’t succeed. 

And that ends our episode. So, do you think MJ was behind exposing Adam’s sexting? Did Reza do the right thing by confronting MJ while she was still recovering in the hospital? And how much is Destiney Rose to blame in all this?


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