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Joe Giudice Caught Grinding & Dirty Dancing On Women Wearing Thongs In Mexico!

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Joe Giudice is wasting no time moving on from his estranged wife, Teresa Giudice, as he was caught  partying with bikini-clad women in Mexico on January 25.

TMZ captured the Real Housewives of New Jersey star grinding on another woman.

Joe Giudice, 47, seem to be enjoying himself as he danced poolside with three thong bikini wearing women, at a resort in Isla Mujeres. At one point, Joe drank a can of beer while a blonde woman slung her shoulders around him. The father of four wore black board shorts and dark sunglasses. 

Press play below to watch Joe Giudice get down in Mexico! 

Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice, 47, announced their separation in December 2019 after twenty years of marriage.

Joe Giudice in Mexico

During the January 22 Real Housewives of New Jersey after show, Teresa Giudice shared that a week before she and Joe were to tie the knot 20 years ago, she wanted to cancel her wedding. “I wanted to call off my wedding, but then my mom’s like, ‘No, you can’t do that,’” Teresa recalled “It was a week before!”

Teresa revealed that Joe asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. However, the cookbook author wasn’t having it. “His cousin called off a wedding ’cause the guy made her sign a prenup,” Teresa said. “I just was hurt over it. He wasn’t a prenup kind of guy. Like, [if he had family money], then I could see him making me sign a prenup. … I would have no problem. I’d sign on the dotted line!”

“I was never the type of woman who ever asked a guy for anything. If I wanted something, I bought it myself. I was never that type of girl. You know how girls look for sugar daddies? I was never that person,” she added.

After the video of Joe getting frisky in Mexico surfaced, he issued an explanation/apology to his daughters via Instagram. Read below.

Joe Giudice


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