Twitter Drags ‘Jealous’ Jennifer Aydin For Attacking Jackie Goldschneider’s Wealth & How Jackie Spends HER Money!

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Jennifer Aydin

Jennifer Aydin’s obsession with Jackie Goldschneider’s wealth took an alarming turn on Wednesday night’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey  — and the fan backlash has been scorching.

During the January 22nd episode, Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin got into an ugly screaming match over finances on their trip to the Hamptons. Jennifer became fascinated with the value of Jackie’s Hamptons home and the fact that Jackie comes from family money. The revelation caused her to opine that Jackie was “stingy,” for not spending lavishly on her kids birthday parties. Jackie later found out about Jennifer’s remarks and confronted Jennifer.

Jackie Goldschneider

Many Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were outraged by Jennifer Aydin’s implications and accused the Turkish diva of being jealous of Jackie’s wealth — and Twitter erupted.

Jackie Goldschneider explained where her wealth comes from in an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish.

“My parents both came from absolutely nothing,” Jackie revealed. “My father grew up in the projects in Brooklyn and my mother grew up in Israel and came over here at 13 years old. She didn’t speak any English; her parents had not a penny. They moved in with relatives in Brooklyn and my mom ended up graduating valedictorian of her high school. She went to Brooklyn College and she started a computer software consulting firm when she was in her late 20s, early 30s, and she ended up writing a lot of the software that huge companies were using… I love looking at her college yearbook because she was the only woman in the entire economies chapter of the yearbook.”

As for how Jackie’s mother parlayed her career success into monetary wealth, Jackie explained, “My parents were very smart about it. My father also did very well for himself and everything that they made together, they started investing. They invested in stocks, they invested in real estate, and they really did amazingly well for themselves.”

Jackie shared that because of her background, it was understood any future husband would be signing a prenup, which she ended up having Evan Goldschneider do, although he also came from “some money too” and has a successful career.

“By the time my parents really started making money, I was already… almost 13 years old. I grew up in a little house in Staten Island. I was a scruffy kid; I didn’t really have any money… So the way I am, money to me is not what makes you an impressive person or an admirable person, so it’s not something that you brag about. And I buy things; I do spend money but I just don’t flash it all over Instagram, because I find it tacky,” she said.

And while Jackie definitely has family money, she shares she and Evan do not live off of it and they don’t touch it at all. She shares that when she has received money from her trust fund, she’s taken it and invested in real estate, which includes her Hamptons home as well as properties in Manhattan. In fact, the former attorney also runs a “small real estate management company.”

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