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Meri Brown Cries After ‘Sister Wives’ Refuse To Help Her Move Into New Flagstaff Rental!

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Meri Brown

On Sunday’s all-new episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown moves back to Flagstaff, Arizona — but the Brown’s aren’t welcoming her back with open arms!

In the clip below from the episode — Meri’s fellow sister wife, Robyn Brown, explains that she, “lives in this house built up the side of a mountain. So she has these huge stairs all the way up the side of her house, and every time I walk up those stairs, I about faint.”

Then we cut to all the wives sitting down together, and Meri tells Robyn, “I mean, to me, that’s kind of what family does.”

Meri struggles to get sister wives, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown onboard to help her move her belongings.

“Meri lives in this house built up the side of the mountain,” Robyn, 41, says in a confessional interview from the Sunday, January 12, episode. “So, she has these huge stairs all the way up the side of her house and every time I walk up those stairs, I about faint.”

“I don’t want to hire somebody. I do not want to hire somebody. I want to have family around,” Meri, on the brink of tears, says in a confessional interview. “I’d rather have my family come and help me put my stupid bag together then pay somebody to do it, because that would mean I would have some family interaction, which I think is really important.”

At this point, Meri’s crying and bummed over the family’s lack of support.

“What the hell? Why am I crying over this,” before she wipes her tears away with a tissue. She then shares how she’s “hearing Christine and Janelle talk about how they’re feeling isolated and alone,” which she thinks is an issue that can be solved if they do the work “together.”

In the moment that follows, Robyn Brown suggests that they “hire somebody” to move Meri’s furniture. Janelle then proposes that they can have “a moving and unpack party” thereafter, which Robyn notes is “a good idea.”

“This isn’t like a big deal. Just hire people to help you with the big stuff, we’ll come over and help you with the smaller stuff,” Robyn says in a confessional interview. “It’s no big deal at all, that’s no brainer. She just needs to let us know.”

Meri complains to the sister wives about not having “the option” to ask for Robyn’s son Dayton Jessop or partner Kody Brown’s assistance. Robyn notes in a confessional that it is “nothing personal” on Kody’s end if he’s not there “whenever she needs it.” She adds that Kody, 50, is not there “for any of us and that’s just what it is to be a plural wife.”

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Sister Wives airs Sundays, at 10:00 pm ET, on TLC.


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