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Mariah Brown Reveals Mental Health Crisis Amid Family’s Financial Woes!

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Mariah Brown

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown revealed this week that she’s struggling with mental health issues, “My sweet reminder to be easy on myself … Lately, my mental health hasn’t been so great. But I am in search of a therapist, and constantly reminding myself to slow down, and seeking community with my people.” She Instagrammed on January 7.

“I think sometimes mental and physical health feel really separated, but the truth is, they are all one in the same,” Mariah Brown, 24, continued. “I am a whole human being meant to be treated as such. And so are you. What a privilege it is to care for my whole being. Anyway — I hope Koda can be a little reminder for all of us that sometimes running around, getting lots of snuggles, and chilling out are all we need. And maybe sometimes, we need a little bit more than that, too, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able [to] give that to ourselves.”

This news shouldn’t come as a major shock to Sister Wives fans, who have witnessed the daughter of Kody and Meri Brown depressed, withdrawn, and disturbed on the TLC reality series.

On December 23, Mariah Brown revealed on Instagram that she wasn’t heading home to Flagstaff, Arizona, to be with her large family for the holidays and how much it bummed her out. She shared a photo of herself with her fiancée, Audrey Kriss, and wrote, “Feeling extra grateful for this one today. For taking care of me when I’m sick and loving me when I’m a towel and always having the biggest smile on your face.”

Mariah Brown’s currently studying in Chicago and has alluded to the fact that she’s been struggling pretty recently. 

“I’ve been struggling a little bit with spending another Christmas away from my given family, but I’m so grateful that Audrey has given me another amazing family that I am so lucky and excited to spend quality time with,” she continued. “Grateful I got a great partner with great parents/family✨✨.” 

During a recent episode, Kody and his Sister Wives Meri, Robyn BrownChristine Brown andJanelle Brown discussed their descent into poverty over their move to Flagstaff, Arizona. They have nine mortgages, land payments, and mounting bills, as a result of the unnecessary move from Vegas.

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