Love After Lockup

‘Life After Lockup’ Lamar Leaves Andrea & His Daughter Stranded After Being Missing For Two Months!

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Life After Lockup

Lamar stands up Andrea and the kids at the airport on tonight’s all-new episode of Life After Lockup.

“Lamar is coming to visit for the first time in 2 months,” Andrea says in clip below of the Jan. 10 episode of Life After Lockup. “I just want to be cordial and kind so that Lamar can enjoy his time with the kids.” Andrea has told her friends that Priscilla is Lamar’s child, but she hasn’t told her kids yet. “We need to have a conversation to tell the kids the truth,” Andrea admits.

In tonight’s episode of Life After Lockup, Andrea gathers the children and they wait at airport with signs that the kids made for Lamar. They wait for Lamar but he never shows up. Andrea calls and Lamar doesn’t pick up. Andrea is pissed and swears she’s done with Lamar.  

“I thought he would want to see his daughter for the first time in 2 months but did he even get on this flight?” Andrea wonders in the final moments of the preview. 

Press play below to watch a preview of the episode.

Life After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.


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