RECAP: Dr. Simone & Dr. Heavenly Make Up After Explosive ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion Fight!

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Welcome back to part three of the Married To Medicine reunion.

The reunion picks back up during the dramatic fallout between Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Quad Webb consoles Simone while Dr. Contessa Metcalfe pulls Heavenly away.

Married To Medicine

Meanwhile, the men are still out on set with Andy rehashing the season. Andy asks the men how they hold their own in a marriage with such ambitious wives. Cecil explains that the power seems to ebb and flow and is different all the time.

Backstage, Simone Whitmore and Heavenly Kimes seem to have a breakthrough and the ladies dogpile on top of one another and hug it out. UM WUT? What just happened??? I’m so confused.

Andy summons all of the ladies back out to the couches along with the men. Andy appears just as confused, asking for clarification as to how the ladies made up so quickly. Simone is quick to point out that though she’s ready to move on, she and Heavenly will need to take baby steps to get their friendship back on track.

Andy congratulates Simone and Cecil on twenty-three years of marriage. When asked what they credit for saving their marriage, Simone explains that it’s their friendships that saved them.

Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis reveal that their renovation is nowhere near complete and that they are currently residing in the basement. They also confess that their romantic vacation to the South of France is also postponed until they can get the house finished. So much for romance and a lighter workload.

Andy brings up Cecil’s comments about Greg before asking Quad if she is still in love with Greg. Quad Webb dances around the question but never actually answers. She does admit, however, that it makes her sad to hear that Greg still has feelings for her.

Quad Webb

Mariah Huq addresses a question regarding her religion and how she and Aydin have tried to infuse her Christianity and Aydin’s Muslim faith. As far as the Ramadan dinner goes, she apologizes that Quad even came up in conversation and is adamant that she shut the conversation down. Quad continues to interrupt Aydin while he explains his perception of how the dinner. Eventually, a very frustrated Aydin tells Quad to “be quiet.” OH SNAP.

Mariah Huq

The messy marital issues between Contessa and Scott eventually come up in conversation. When asked why she chose to enroll in a program in another state, Contessa maintains that the program in Nashville was specific to what she wanted to do and she couldn’t have done that in Atlanta. Toya Bush-Harris makes no bones about it that she feels it was the wrong choice to leave her children and husband and relocate to another state.

Toya Bush-Harris

The ladies all seem to agree that there is a double standard when it comes to husbands and wives. The wives are expected to work AND rear the children, but the men are only expected to work.

Andy finally brings up a major point of contention on the couples’ trip, the infamous trip to the strip club. When asked which ladies actually cared that their husbands went to a strip club, Heavenly is the odd woman out. Heavenly reveals that she was watching the footage for the very first time at the reunion and its obvious that she’s not too happy. HEAVEN HELP DADDY.

Andy calls Heavenly out for referring to her marriage as perfect. Heavenly explains that she never said it was perfect, just perfect compared to the other couples. Oh, the shade.

Heavenly Kimes

Andy then plays a montage of the ladies doing what they do best, practicing medicine.

Toya Bush-Harris gives her take on being a patient of both Simone’s and Jackie’s. She explains that Simone bedside manner comes across warm and caring and admits that Jackie’s office is a little more formal, even requiring payment upfront. Jackie doesn’t deny it. After all, she’s got a house that needs a new roof.

Heavenly admits that she would definitely take her daughter, Alaura, to see Simone but not for birth control at fourteen, exclaiming her baby better not be doing anything at fourteen.

Speaking of Heavenly, she confesses her title as Dentist may not get as much respect as the MD’s but she’s confident that she makes just as much coin if not more than the others. According to Heavenly she asks for payment upfront too.

Andy asks if Quad is open to finding another MD. Quad Webb is adamant that she doesn’t care about his title, only if he is considerate and loving. Oh and ten inches of…

The reunion wraps on a positive note as the ladies take turns stating what they are excited for in the future. The resounding theme is that they are all hopeful for what the future has in store. Here’s to hoping another season of Married To Medicine is back before we know it!


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