Apollo Nida Post Raunchy Photos of His Fiance & Social Media Drags Him!

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As we move into 2020, Apollo Nida and his fiance, Sherien Almufti, are getting raunchy on Instagram!

On December 30, the fresh out the pen felon shared NSFW pics with his 181k Instagram followers and the reaction was mixed. “Baby @queensherien you going to kill me but your body is amazing. Just looking at you makes me stand up DAMN BABY IM READY!!!!,” Apollo Nida captioned the following photo of the couple in a hotel room with Sherien’s booty exposed.


In a second photo, he’s laying his head between Sherien’s legs “Waking up to @queensherien is amazing I love her drip ?.” Apollo Nida captioned the steamy snap.


The couple are currently in Miami to host a New Years Eve bash at Cynthia Bailey’s ex, Peter Thomas’ BarOne Miami Beach restaurant lounge. 

Peter Thomas and Apollo remained close friends throughout his 6-year incarnation for bank and identity fraud — and support each other’s business ventures. 

Apollo Nida, 40, was released from prison in July 2019 and spent time in a halfway house in Philadelphia before his official release from federal custody on November 26. Press play below to watch. 


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Many fans accused Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband of objectifying his fiance and called him out for the thirsty photos. 

“Y’all want Phaedra attention so bad! She don’t give a fuck sweetie.”

“Wow.. that’s how you expose your wife.”

“so Juvenile.”

“Com’on Man! Respect your lady!”

“Your better than this, be a man for your boys at least Apollo…”

“You had the best(Phaedra), now you thirst trapping on the gram with the rest.”

“Bravo ain’t checkin for ya’ll..Stawwwwp”

“How old are you guys aren’t you a Dad? Way to go…..”

“She wrote this on his page, why try so damn hard? And like this??? Why does everyone have to see this? She can be amazing fully clothed and classy.”

“Phadera would never! ?”

“Wow he has no respect for her. Phaedra is sooo much better off.”


“Y’all are ridiculous. Hungry for attention.”

“This is so tacky and unnecessary ?.”

Back in August 2019, Apollo blasted his ex-wife, Phaedra Parks, for restricting his parental rights — he shared his struggles in a heartbreaking Instagram post, “DON’T WORRY ! We will be together soon, No matter what, she can’t keep us apart. The fight will not stop to be a good DAD!!! There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of the 2 of u. LOVE AND MISS YA SO MUCH.” The father of two concluded his caption with the hash tags, “#dayonedad  #alwaysbeenthere #fathershaverightstoo.” 

Phaedra Parks confirmed in an interview with Bravo’s Daily Mail that she and their kids, Ayden and Dylan, spent time with Apollo over Thanksgiving and hoped to see him at Christmas. “The one thing that will be different about this year is that my sons’ father is home from being incarcerated, so hopefully he will be able to join us for some of the festivities,” she said.

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