RECAP: Simone Reveals Heavenly’s Husband Is A Drunk On ‘Married To Medicine’ Reunion!

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Welcome to part one of the Married To Medicine reunion. This year’s reunion set is a replica of Toya’s fabulous two-story closet. Let’s hope the drama that occurred in Toya’s real closet on the season finale doesn’t carry over onto the reunion set. In the words of Mariah Huq, “Let the mess begin.”

Straight out of the gate, we learn that Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters are no longer as close with one another and a baffled Andy Cohen reveals that’s definitely new information to him.

We’re given a glimpse of Mariah Huq’s dressing room door, sporting a full-length poster of none other than the queen bee herself. Andy better keep the sharpies away from Dr. Heavenly Kimes, that all I’m saying.

Quad Webb reveals that her divorce is now official and Simone (maybe a little too happily) confesses that she knows Gregg is currently dating a very attractive girlfriend. Quad appears unbothered that Simone and Cecil still spend time with Gregg and even makes the comment that she’s not surprised that he has a very attractive girlfriend because “he HAD a very attractive wife.”

Quad Webb

While discussing the blind dates Heavenly set up for Quad — Quad seizes the moment to also address Heavenly’s inappropriate comments about Quad and rapper turned actor, Common, sleeping together. Heavenly admits that the comments were not true and that she was “just playing around.” Just like she was playing around when she said Quad’s a** was fake.

The subject of Toya Bush-Harris’ new home comes up and Toya and Heavenly spar back and forth about Heavenly’s comments that it wasn’t an accomplishment to purchase a new home. Andy points out that Heavenly remodeled her closet to include a third story shortly after Toya’s two-story closet was finished. How ironic? Jealous much, Heavenly???

Toya Bush-Harris

Heavenly accuses Andy of being messy when he tells her of his plans to run the footage of the Paint n Sip in front of all of the husbands AKA DADDY DAMON. Wow, she really is on one at this reunion.

While discussing Toya’s miscarriage we also learn that Toya and Eugene use the pull out method like it’s a form of birth control. Eugene is an educated doctor so this new bit of information is particularly comical to me. After all, you know what they call people who use the pull out method… PARENTS.

Buffie Purselle eventually makes her way out onto the couches for her very first reunion. Buckle up, girlfriend. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Of course, the topic of the dreaded book cover party rears its ugly head and Jackie profusely denies having any ill intent when she used Buffie as an example in her speech. The ladies seem to split off into two camps when the authenticity of Jackie’s apology in Cabo comes into question with Buffie and Simone in one camp and Jackie and Heavenly in the other. Clearly, all of the work Heavenly had done has got her feeling herself because as soon as the conversation escalates Heavenly resorts to calling Buffie “fat.” All of the ladies and Andy are taken aback at Heavenly’s low down dirty dog insult.

Buffie Purselle

Jackie takes the floor to address Buffie once more and offers a very noble and sincere apology to Buffie, to which Buffie accepts and receives it. Hallelujah. Maybe now they can move on once and for all.

Heavenly Kimes

Andy asks Buffie Purselle what the current status of her infertility journey is. Buffie reveals that David does not want to adopt because they still have five embryos, three boys and two girls, but up until recently she always took issue with using a surrogate because she was hung up on the act of actually carrying the baby. Basically, they were at an impasse. But after watching others (including high profile celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Kandi Burruss) have children via surrogate, she has warmed up to the idea. She confides that she and David have finally come to the agreement to get a surrogate and move forward with the embryos. In the words of Andy, “Mazel!”

The demise of Simone and Jackie’s friendship finally comes up in conversation and everyone including Andy agrees that Jackie’s friendship with Heavenly is the catalyst, with Andy revealing a conversation that he and Simone had backstage. According to Andy (and the footage he brought as receipts), when Andy asks Simone why she and Jackie aren’t sharing a dressing room she responds with “would you choose me or Heavenly as your bestie?” YIKES!

Simone Whitmore

Backstage the men all seem in agreement that the two will get their friendship back on track. Simone and Jackie also admit that they want to fix their friendship before sharing a warm embrace. In a shocking revelation, Jackie confesses that she would consider leaving the show before she would let it get in the way of their friendship.

FINALLY, the long-awaited Quad vs. Mariah drama comes up. Cue the montage of footage regarding the drug allegations. According to Quad, the “doctoring of documents” she was referring to in the season finale is that the drug test was planned and also occurred many years after she witnessed Mariah doing drugs. Suuuuure, Jan.

Mariah Huq

The two continue to go head-to-head regarding Mariah Huq’s sister Lake and Quad’s sleeping with her husband before Quad challenges Mariah to a polygraph test. Mariah seems incredulous citing that Quad didn’t approve of the hair follicle she used for the drug test so she can only imagine how the polygraph would go.

Andy asks for a show of hands as to how many of the ladies think Mariah does drugs and then how many think Quad slept with Lake’s husband. It appears none of the ladies believe either scenario so here’s to hoping the ladies can put the daggers down and move on.

It’s finally the husband’s turn to hit the couches and something tells me Andy plans to make good on his promise to Heavenly  to stir the Sip N Paint pot. Let the games begin…

Cecil confesses that he and Gregg play golf together frequently and that Gregg still talks about Quad often and it’s apparent that even after the divorce was finalized he still wishes things could have been different between the two. Back in the viewing room Quad becomes emotional at the revelation and breaks down.

Simone Whitmore

Andy asks the men if they ever wish the ladies kept certain aspects of their personal life private and Eugene confides that Toya talks a big game but their sex life is actually pretty normal. Who knew that Toya was so vanilla???

For the most part, Andy keeps it pretty light with the husbands. They discuss the Paint N Sip party and the strip club that was most likely planned in retaliation of the Paint N Sip. He also broaches the subject of Contessa Metcalfe referring to Eugene as “a big a** b****.” While the husbands have a good laugh about it out on the couches, unfortunately, tensions seem to escalate in the viewing room after Heavenly makes an offhanded remark about Cecil owning that he is the male version of a b****.”

Simone Whitmore threatens to drag Heavenly and Heavenly quips back that she can talk it but she can’t back it up. Simone goes one step further arguing that Cecil is not always drunk but when he has been out drunk he’s been with Daddy Damon. SHOTS FIRED. I REPEAT SHOTS FIRED. Fortunately, Heavenly is physically restrained and escorted out of the room before any “dragging” can begin.

Tune in next week as the drama continues on part two of the Married To Medicine reunion.


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