RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Learns Michael’s Visa Is Denied & Robert Questions Anny’s Character!

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RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Learns Michael Visa Is Denied & Robert Questions Anny’s Character!


Welcome to episode eight of 90 Day Fiance and boy is it a doozie!

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance picks back up in Kyiv, Ukraine with Natalie Mordovtseva having a full-on meltdown about the confusion that their children (that are not even born yet and, quite frankly, Michael doesn’t even want) will have to deal with due to their opposing religious beliefs and diets. To make things more awkward, Natalie’s mother inserts herself right in the middle of the drama, joining the two of them in the bedroom while they duke it out. Apparently, Michael’s bowling is also a serious point of contention for Natalie. How will the unborn children ever get past the trauma of having a father who enjoys a game of bowling???

In a moment of frustration, Michael storms out of the apartment in his pajama pants to blow off some steam leaving Natalie’s mother in a tailspin.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio de Sousa have their own problems to deal with, still reeling from the prenuptial agreement meeting, but instead, put on a pair of happy faces in order to take the children to an indoor rock climbing gym. Things seem to go pretty well, minus the fact that little Cece points out that Juliana looks like a highschooler. Honestly though, she’s actually not too far off. A college student would be more accurate I suppose.

Juliana confides in Michael that their prior breakup instilled some insecurities in her and after discussing the prenuptial agreement she realizes that she needs to assert herself and become financially independent from Michael. It appears, however, that Michael takes some issue with Juliana’s aspirations for independence and just like that, he nixes the prenuptial agreement entirely. Could it be that he does prefer to have the upper hand and control in the relationship? One thing is for sure, the ex-wife and mother to his children, Sarah, is NOT GONNA BE HAPPY. NOPE.

Angela Deem is anxiously awaiting to hear if Michael has received his visa, only to be crushed when he confesses that he was denied. If you recall, in the last episode Michael was warned by a couple of friends and ex-pats of the US that visas are really hard to get right now, but none the less Michael and Angela are still shocked. Angela confesses that she feels as though she’s been “hit in her d*** belly” and Michael breaks down into a puddle of tears. Angela resolves to find a loophole as she takes a long drag from what I can only presume to be a Virginia Slim.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Finale

Robert and Bryson surprise Anny with a birthday cake in an effort to put a bandaid on the whole apartment situation. For a brief moment, it appears that the trouble between the two has dissipated. In a tender moment, Bryson wins over all of our hearts yet again by toasting to “family.”

Anny declares that her one wish is to go out dancing for her birthday but later admits she actually prefers to go to a strip club. Robert seems displeased by this but eventually caves to Anny’s request. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well…

90 Day Fiance - Robert and Anny

Syngin Colchester seems to be going a little stir crazy holding down the fort shed while Tania is in Costa Rica. Tania, however, seems to be juuuuust fine spending her days out on the beach and nights dancing away with newfound friends.

90 Day Fiance - Syngin Colchester

Syngin confides in Tania’s mother, Missy, that he is feeling really lonely without Tania and he feels that she isn’t making a lot of effort to communicate with him while she’s away.

Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu have some serious soul searching to do since Anna gave Mursel the ultimatum to tell his family about her sons. Just as Mursel expected, the phone call did NOT go well and ended with his mother demanding that he come home. Maybe it’s because of the language barrier, or maybe not, but he simply tells Anna, “they don’t want you.” Mursel goes on to tell Anna that he’s going to leave and poor Anna is devastated.

90 Day Fiance

Jasmin Lahtinen and Blake Abelard are still dealing with the fallout from his parents putting their foot down and refusing to let the two shack up under their roof. They push that aside, however, to enjoy a double date with Blake’s friends Everett and Rita. Rita tries to make conversation with Jasmine, but unfortunately, Jasmine doesn’t seem to match her efforts in keeping the conversation going.

Things get super awkward when Jasmin announces her plans to be a stay at home mom, explaining she has zero aspirations to build a career. His friends seem genuinely baffled by her lack of desire to do anything, really.

90 Day Fiance

Back in Kyiv, Natalie learns that Mike ran out of the apartment and is worried about his safety but something tells me that no one’s going to be messing with the six-foot-seven inches American, aimlessly walking the streets in his PJ pants with a red solo cup of beer in his hand.

Mike confesses that he just needs some time to reflect but admits that their relationship is on the fence, stating he has made a lot of sacrifices but doesn’t feel that he has been given anything in return from Natalie.

Anny and Robert head out to the strip club, much to Robert’s dismay. Once there, Robert seems taken aback at Anny’s behavior. Later the two get into an argument after Robert accuses Anny of being a stripper in the Dominican Republic. Sounds like trouble in paradise to me…

Tania Maduro is excited for a night out on the town in Costa Rica with her girlfriends. One who doesn’t seem too excited for Tania’s night out, however, is Syngin. Syngin makes no bones about it that he’s resentful of the fact that he’s spending his days alone gardening and looking after Tania’s sister’s baby while she lives it up in Costa Rica. Tania doesn’t understand where Syngin’s resentment is coming from and asks that he have a little more “pep in his step” to which he replies that if he has any more “pep in his step” he’ll be stepping right out of there. That sounds like a threat to me…

In a wild turn of events, Michael gets into a brawl with his friends after one of them refers to Angela as “trashy.” It’s no secret that his friends aren’t the biggest supporters of his relationship with Angela, but the name-calling proves to be more than Michael can take. In a fit of rage, he knocks one of his friend’s glasses off of his face and knocks a drink out of another’s hand before storming out of the bar. That went well…

Anny and Robert nurse their hangovers at a local coffee shop and Robert takes the moment to question Anny’s true intentions now that she’s here in the US. Does she plan to party and go out all the time or is she serious about being a wife to him and a mother to Bryson? He confesses that he was disappointed in her behavior the night before and accuses her of hiding something from him before asking her if she’s ever been with a woman. Unfortunately for Robert, her answer was not the one he wanted. Uh oh…

Mike eventually makes his way back to the apartment and reveals that he feels like Natalie has been attacking him and who he is as a person. Natalie admits that she thinks it was a mistake taking Mike to church and that it left her feeling vulnerable and caused her to act out. She apologizes for the way she treated him and even confesses that she can be a very “egotistical person.”

Mike is relieved by Natalie’s apology, so much so that he finds the courage to confess the massive credit card debt he has looming over his head. Natalie says that she respects Mike for telling her and vows to help him find his way out of the precarious situation, even stating that she will help Michael pay down the debt once she gets to America.

Next week on 90 Day Fiancethe drama continues to play out for this group of star-crossed lovers.


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