RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Dr. Jackie Walters Attacks & Shames Buffie After Getting Checked For Talking About Buffie’s Infertility!

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Welcome back to another episode of Married To Medicine. This week’s episode kicks off with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil surprising the group with a beautiful dinner at a farm to table restaurant but not before a long, bumpy bus ride on a dirt road to get to there. At one point, Dr. Jackie Walters asks if it’s possible that they, in fact, are the meal?

The dinner starts out with warm well wishes to both Simone and Cecil on their 23rd year of marriage. Unfortunately, the conversation takes a turn when Dr. Contessa Metcalfe asks the newcomer to the group, Buffie Purselle, what she thinks of the couples’ trip so far. Contessa is quick to point out that when she was the newbie, Dr. Heavenly Kimes picked on her too. Buffie says that Heavenly hasn’t done anything to her and they have more of a sisterly banter, but that she did not like the comment about her being infertile.

Down at the other end of the table, Jackie seems completely taken aback by the revelation and demands that Buffie repeat herself. Jackie explains that she was only trying to create a connection between the two of them by making their pain their purpose but Buffie begs to differ and responds that “it didn’t come across that way.”

Dr. Jackie Walters tries to clarify herself again, stating that she likes to be a voice and that she uses her pain and infertility as a way to help women who are hiding behind it.

Toya Bush-Harris seizes the moment to pipe in and says that as friends they should ask each other before sharing each others’ personal business. At this point, warm, sensitive, sweet Jackie has LEFT THE BUILDING and a new rude Jackie, who gives zero F’s has entered. She proceeds to try and shut the conversation all the way down, telling Buffie that she receives what she is saying, she apologizes for it and now she’s DONE WITH IT.

It doesn’t appear, however, that Buffie is done with the conversation and she tells Jackie that she’s disappointed in the way she’s reacting and Jackie tells Buffie to “let that be the last thing she says to her tonight.”

Heavenly is quick to come to Dr. Jackie Walters’ defense, stating that she is bothered to her core that Buffie would come at Jackie like that because she knows Jackie did not mean it that way. She tells Buffie that the next time she has an issue, she needs to pull it to the side instead of bringing it up at the table in front of everyone.

Buffie tells Heavenly that she needs to stay out of it because this didn’t happen to her and then promptly tells her to STFU. Is this the sisterly banter she was speaking of earlier or…?

The next morning the group seems to have somewhat recovered from the dinner from hell and peacefully file on the discount Groupon bus for a fun day of camel rides on the beach. Unfortunately, they don’t make it far before the bus breaks down on the side of the highway. It doesn’t take long before they decide to desert the bus and walk back to the hotel in 103 degree weather. Toya is busy trying to keep up appearances and is deeply embarrassed at the prospect of walking on the highway. Meanwhile, Heavenly is absolutely certain that she can have the bus up and running again in no time just by watching a quick Youtube tutorial.

Back at the hotel, Simone is left to pivot and come up with a new plan for the day while the men belly up to the bar and start slamming shots. This does not please Heavenly as she says Damon “can’t drink” and predicts that he’ll be tossing his cookies tequila very soon.

Heavenly requests that Jackie intervene on her behalf and persuade Damon to lay off the drinking but he tells Jackie that he’s spent 22 years listening to everything Heavenly says but today he just wants one day to do him. OKAY DAMON. I SEE YOU.

Simone quickly changes gears and arranges a pool day with appetizers and drinks. In true couples trip fashion, Simone provides some friendly entertainment with an activity she likes to call “Messy Boots” that ends up leaving Contessa TRIGGERED.

The first question pertains to infidelity and whether or not it’s okay for a partner that was cheated on to even the playing field and seek revenge by cheating as well. The general consensus from the group is is that it’s not. Meanwhile, Curtis is squirming around in his chair, sweating like a poor sinner in church.

It’s the second question, however, that leaves Contessa feeling some type of way. Simone asks the group if they need their spouse’s permission to change careers, go back to school or open a new business. Contessa seems to have a visceral reaction to the question and says that she feels there is a clear double standard in that women are expected to get permission but men are not. She puts Scott on blast and says that he’s changed careers several times and it was always a non-issue.

Later in their talking head interview, the fall out from the game drags on as Contessa and Scott continue to butt heads regarding Contessa’s decision to quit school. Tensions rise and Scott eventually storms off while Contessa is left to cry by herself. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.


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