‘RHOD’ RECAP: LeeAnne Locken Tells Kary Brittingham to Shut Up!

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This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas opens with Brandi Redmond taking her daughters Brooklyn and Brinkley to cheer practice. Brandi relives her glory days as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and shows off some of her (rusty) moves while Brooklyn critiques her form and deems it “terrible.” Brandi quickly reminds her that her parents couldn’t afford to give her proper lessons and everything she learned was self-taught.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Hollman climbs aboard the proverbial Kameron Westcott hamster wheel and the two hash it out over coffee and avocado toast. Stephanie offers an olive branch explaining that she wants to close the chapter and figure everything out. Unfortunately for her, Kameron is just now warming up. She accuses Stephanie again of not defending her and shutting her out and choosing to share her problems with Kary Brittingham instead, whom she’s only known for two weeks.

Stephanie Hollman makes the mistake of saying that she wants to move forward and have more than just a “surface-level friendship.” That statement seems to enrage Kameron who gets up to leave. Stephanie somehow manages to diffuse the situation by apologizing to Kameron and tells her that she wants to “honor her feelings.” The two seem to reach an agreement and leave on a good note.

Stephanie and Brandi meet for lunch the following day. Stephanie tells Brandi that she and Kameron met and she thinks they have buried the hatchet and will be able to move forward once and for all. D’Andra Simmons comes up in the conversation and the two ladies discuss how D’Andra hasn’t been invited to any of LeeAnne Locken’s numerous wedding events.

Cut to LeeAnne Locken’s “Girls and Gays” bachelorette party hosted by party extraordinaire, Steve Kemble. (Keep that name in your brain. More on him later.) Upon arrival, LeeAnne is crowned with a tiara and veil covered in cut-outs of her fiance, Rich Emberlin’s, face. Eye patch included. As far as the bride to be’s hands are concerned it would appear that they are not just hands anymore after all… they’re freshly injected with cosmetic fillers. I suspect this is Cary (Injectable Queen) Deuber’s doing. Why else is she at another event as just a “friend of?” Cue the drag queens, glow sticks and weiner cakes.

During a side conversation, Kameron makes it clear to Cary that she has no intention of moving forward with Stephanie, mere moments after Stephanie tells Cary that she thinks the two are now in a much better place. Kameron later solidifies her feelings by giving Stephanie the cold shoulder during the drag show. Poor Stephanie. If you can’t bond over a good drag show, what can you bond over?

Kameron Westcott

Enter Kary Brittingham Real Housewives of Dallas’ new reigning bone collector. She asks to speak to the guest of honor and immediately cuts to the chase and asks her why she was invited to the lingerie shower and bachelorette party but not the actual wedding. LeeAnne glazes over the question and chalks it up to an oversight. According to LeeAnne thirty percent of the mail is lost by the post office, anyway. Kary finds this information perplexing and mulls it over in her talking head interview. Why is it that her wedding invitation gets lost in the mail but her credit card bills continue to arrive right on time? The world may never know…

LeeAnne Locken

Kary then switches gears and sets her sights on D’Andra’s lack of invitation to any of the events at all. According toLeeAnne Locken, she would invite D’Andra if she were to reach out and prove her loyalty to LeeAnne through her actions. Kary finds this to be ridiculous and hypocritical since they’ve supposedly already made amends to one another. Stephanie agrees with LeeAnne that this particular event is not appropriate, as the premise of the celebration has much to do with the original argument that caused so many hurt feelings. The face-off between LeeAnne and Kary begins to get heated and LeeAnne tells Kary that anyone who is at the party and not willing to show their loyalty to her through their actions, can go stand in the vasectomy line. Andddd mic drop. Kary takes the opportunity to exit stage left… or maybe to the vasectomy line. I’m not sure.

Kary and LeeAnne Locken

Tensions seem to die down after the bachelorette party, but only for a few days. The drama heats back up at a haunted house Brandi rented for the ladies to stay at for the night. Upon arriving, Brandi is greeted by the owner who explains that the property was originally purchased as an investment property but they quickly realized that it was haunted and they were unable to keep it rented. Once all of the ladies arrive, Brandi and Stephanie take it upon themselves to pull a little prank on the rest of the ladies. Typical.

LeeAnne Locken

A spiritual medium, Lisa, pays the ladies a visit and they use pendulums to communicate with the spirits in the house. Before leaving, the medium gives Kary a private reading. She immediately tells Kary that she can tell she had a rough start at life but that she is lucky and a lot of good has come her way since then. She also says that the relationship with her husband is a good one.

Kary comes back in and tells the ladies about her reading with Lisa and mentions that the medium touched on her difficult childhood. LeeAnne asks that Kary share more about her difficult upbringing and Kary confesses to the ladies that both of her parents were alcoholics and split up when she was one. Her father wouldn’t allow her mother to leave with her, so she essentially kidnapped Kary and took her to Mexico where she mostly had to parent herself and resorted to drinking in clubs at only fourteen years of age.

Kary goes on to say that she thinks that she could’ve made a lot of excuses for her actions due to her difficult childhood but she chose to focus on the positive instead. LeeAnne takes this as a personal dig and states that people in their group have accused her of doing just that. The conversation takes an awkward turn as Kary pointedly asks LeeAnne if she does, in fact, bring up her childhood as an excuse. The conversation ends with Kary surmising that maybe LeeAnne hasn’t ever gotten over her past and LeeAnne admits that she thinks that’s something that you never truly get over.

LeeAnne Locken

The episode ends with a highly-anticipated conversation between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra. FINALLY. D’Andra explains that she hadn’t reached out to LeeAnne because she was giving her time and space to plan her wedding and essentially didn’t want to bother her. D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she chose to invite Kary to her parties and not her. LeeAnne explains it away stating that she didn’t actually invite Kary and she’s not exactly sure who did. Kary whips her phone out ready to show ALL the receipts. Turns out it was that damn Steve Kemble that invited her on LeeAnne Locken’s behalf. Damn it Steve! You had ONE job. Maybe next time, mail it. There’s a thirty percent chance she won’t actually get it.


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