‘Marrying Millions’ Star Katie Hamilton Talks Romance With 23-Year Old Rapper Kolton Pierce + Her ‘RHOC’ Connection!

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Marrying Millions star Katie Hamilton is not your conventional Dallas Mom. She was married to All-Star baseball player, Josh Hamiltonfor 11 years and they share four daughters together. 

Katie Hamilton, 37, is now back in the dating game after her rocky divorce and she’s moved on with a much younger man. Katie and her 23-year-old boyfriend Kolton Pierce are featured on Lifetime’s new series, Marrying Millions. The series follows multiple couples from all stages of life, dealing with the ups and downs of coming from two completely different lifestyles and trying to become one. 

Pressure and disapproval of Kolton from Katie’s family had become too much and she decided to end things with Kolton. With two episodes left of the season, we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens with their relationship. 

Check out AllAboutTheTEA.com’s exclusive interview with Katie and Kolton below!

Q: How was your experience on The Real Housewives of Orange County and how has it shaped who you are today? 

Katie: “We filmed literally for MONTHS… I felt like there were cameras rolling 24/7. It was maybe like 5 to 6 days a week, but it was like all day. My ex-husband was in a ton of it. So when I had to move back to Texas and all that went down… I choose to move back so I could give my marriage every effort to succeed, but in no way shape or form was the show the cause of the downfall. But for all of that work and for nothing to come of it, it was very disheartening. I poured my heart and soul into every aspect of my life. My marriage, my family, our ranch, and my ministry; so when I took on the show it took me about three weeks to figure out how to balance it all. I really felt like I was thriving in that environment… it was the first time as an adult woman that I had so many friends in the same city. Since I moved so much, I have friends spread out all over. It was more than a bummer when it kind of felt like it was all for nothing, but it is what it is. I’m very thankful for those memories.” 

“I keep in touch with Heather, Lizzie, Meghan, & Tamra every now and then. I actually LOVED every single one of the women on the show! I appreciated something different in all of them. It was a really good group and they supported me in one of the darkest seasons of my life for sure. They’ll always have a very special place in my heart.” 


Q: How did you guys REALLY meet? 

Katie: “I met Kolton because my daughter (Julia) had kind of started seeing this one kid. She had broken up with her boyfriend of 4 years about a month before… she was pretty upset about it even though she’s the one that did the breaking up. So my assistant at the time wanted to go out to eat in Dallas and I told Julia that she could invite some friends. She invited the guy she was talking to and then he invited some people who invited some more people… there was like 15-20 people that all met us at this restaurant. Granted, I didn’t know how anybody was connected to one another because there were a lot of new faces. Well, I just so happened to sit by Kolton and I saw he was drinking water, which caught my attention. I asked him if he was sober or if he was the DD that night… he just opened up to me about his birth Mother and how he was adopted. She had been an addict and he remembered a lot about his early childhood, so because of that he has never smoked a cigarette or had a drop of alcohol. I was immediately drawn to his transparency and how confident he was. There were a lot of things about that initial conversation that really struck a chord with me.” 

“The weeks to follow, Kolton was hanging at my house a lot. He was there to see me, but he and Julia definitely developed a friendship and they ended up becoming pretty close buddies. 

Kolton: “With us sitting down at the table together was obviously luck of the draw… if she didn’t sit down by me that night we wouldn’t have been able to talk as much. Whenever I was talking to her, it wasn’t like I was just talking to a wall or someone that just felt pity since it was a sad story… she was actually able to relate. Because of that there was a connection instantaneously. People don’t want to believe me, but I honestly didn’t even know who Katie was at all. I live in Texas and of course I watched Baseball, but I don’t really pay a lot of attention to people’s lives.” 

“There was a day that I was hanging out at Katie’s house and I guess some of his (Josh Hamilton’s) mail had gotten forwarded to her address. There was a Baseball card of him that someone wanted him to sign and then I looked it up and thought it was wild! So I definitely wasn’t attracted to her for like status or anything.” 

Q: Katie, on some podcasts and talk shows you have stated that you tried to talk Kolton out of dating you… why is that & what do you mean by that? 

Katie: “So, when I could tell that he was definitely still pursuing me… I was flattered. But then I found out how young he was and I pumped the brakes immediately. I hadn’t dated anyone since my divorce and the chances of anything substantial coming out of this are slim to none. My kids would have actually not met him quite so early if I had actually thought we would have been dating… I just thought we kind of had a crush on each other a little bit. But he was just not taking no for an answer. Whenever I would come at him with a reason why we shouldn’t be together, he came at me back by saying that he wasn’t afraid of a challenge… and there’s really not many people in this stage of the game that challenge me in that type of way, so that in itself really got my attention.” 

“I’m obviously VERY thrilled that he didn’t let me off the hook and he kept going after what he felt in his heart was right.” 

Q: Kolton, on the show you stated that you told your parents that you were just working for Katie… what kind of back story did you use and did they really believe that? 

Kolton: “The assistant that she had at the time wasn’t really doing a whole lot of things in the assistant department effectively. Then Katie and I were talking one day and then I said that this is a lot of stuff that I could probably do anyway. I started doing some of those things, maybe not all of the things that would consist of an assistant. Obviously we were dating so you don’t want it to be like a business type thing.” 

“Obviously Katie was upset because I was saying something that wasn’t necessarily true, but my parents were more upset that they weren’t a part of what was going on in my life at that point. I fully realize that I messed up and I need to learn from that mistake.” 

Katie: “In his defense, he had just broke the news to them that he wasn’t going back to college. So instead of saying that he wasn’t going to go back to college and he was just going to pursue music, he told them he wasn’t going to go back to college and he was going to help me as my assistant. But I told him that he had to make it right. I’m not cool with dishonesty anyway and it was a very ill-advised idea. He did come clean with them though and he took responsibility. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s about how we  choose to handle them. Very respectable!” 

Q: Kolton, how do your parents feel about Katie now? 

Kolton: “I think they’re open to the idea, but you don’t just approve a relationship off of one meeting. Obviously every parent wants their kid to be happy, but they just want to make sure I’m not being taken advantage of. I know for a lot of people in Katie’s world that seems wild that she could even be taking advantage of me… it’s still possible. Maybe not on a financial scale, but there’s other ways to take advantage of people.” 

Q: Obviously you guys aren’t very “money driven” compared to others on the show, what was your reaction about that being a major part of the show? 

Katie: “We did not know the name of the show until about a month before it aired. I was asking EVERYDAY about the name. To their credit, they didn’t tell me until we were well at the point of no return because I would not have done it. Even in casting, they did say that the show was about relationships in different phases of life and a part of that would be the financial aspect. To me that made perfect sense because typically if you’re in an unconventional relationship where you’re in different phases of life than your significant other, there would be financial disparity… but it wasn’t until the first week of filming that I realized just how focused it was going to be on the money.” 

“Hopefully people will see what is really important to us… it’s definitely not all about the benjamins for us!” 

Kolton: “Katie’s helped me with my music… she helped me buy some equipment and stuff. But I had already been making music two years before I even met Katie… a lot of people think I was using her to fund that. I’m not the type of person that goes up to her and asks her if she can buy me this or that… my parents didn’t raise me like that. It’s hard to say I don’t care about money because that would mean I was being negligent with my own money, but I’m not the type of person that puts so much emphasis and priorities on it that it consumes me.” 

Q: Katie, Why did you decide not to have your younger children on the show? 

Katie: “For a lot of reasons… it was a new show and it’s a new relationship. This was the first time I had dated since my divorce and it just seemed like a lot of variables and I didn’t want to bring my kids into something that I didn’t even know what I was in store for. I had done a lot of shows in the past and my kids had been on shows… but I didn’t want to expose them to so many unknowns (i.e. the show, dating, Kolton, etc). They were going to school for the first time in a traditional school rather than being homeschooled and I didn’t want to expose them or have them feel any pressure.” 

“They’ve never seen the show… I’ve never let them watch it. As entertaining as the show is, It’s just not for kids.” 

Q: How does your ex (Josh Hamilton) feel about the show? 

Katie: “He would NEVER tell me if he watched it, but I think he’s probably watched it. He’s a man and he’s not gonna be thrilled with his ex dating, even if it’s been 4 years. I don’t think he would admit that either, but I just don’t think he’s overly thrilled with any of it. I say that because when we were filming Real Housewives, I didn’t want to do the show originally. He’s the one that wanted me to do it! Once I started doing, I LOVED it… and I don’t think he liked THAT. The fact that I was enjoying it so much, I think bothered him.” 

“It is what it is… I support him the best way I can and I hope he supports me. I mean, we’ve got kids together and we’re going to be in each others lives forever so I think we need to always want the best for each other no matter what.” 

Q: Would you do another season of the show, if asked? 

Katie: “Maybe. I’d have to assess my life and more importantly my kids’ lives, but If the timing is right and we were asked back, I’d definitely consider it!!  Hmmm… Yeah, I’d probably be game for round 2!” 

Kolton: “I would definitely do it too! After the first season, there’s a lot of things that I’ve learned. Now that I have experience with it, I would be comfortable doing a season 2 because I think there’s a lot more stuff that we could highlight in our personal lives and in our careers. Her and I have a lot more going on other than money! We have a lot of stuff going on all the time.” 

Fun fact: Katie Hamilton appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County back in Season 10, but left the show mid-season to focus on her crumbling marriage at the time and deal with her husband’s drug and alcohol addiction. 


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