EXCLUSIVE: ‘Life After Lockup’ Star Lizzie Kommes Reveals Mind-Blowing Details About Scott Davey: ‘He Paid My Dope Dealers In Prison’ & Much More Explosive Tea!

Spilling All The Tea!


Fans of WEtv’s hit series, Love After Lockup met Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes on the season one premiere of the show. It seemed as though Scott was Lizzie’s knight and shining armor when he picked her up from prison and worked hard to give her the life she always dreamed of. However, things were not as perfect as the couple had hoped. Scott desperately wanted attention from Lizzie, even though the couple barely knew each other outside of prison walls. 

Fans have been able to continue following the couple’s journey on Life After Lockup as camera’s follow Lizzie traveling out to California to try and work things out with Scott after their huge breakup. AllAboutTheTea.com caught up with Lizzie to get her take on everything going on this season.

Check out AllAboutTheTEA.com’s exclusive interview below to find out with Lizzie Kommes had to say.

Q: How did you and Scott meet? 

“Me and Scott met on a dating site called Meet-An-Inmate. Scott contacted me through there by writing a letter. I was a heroin addict in prison and I had a little business. These men would give me money. I never actually sent them nude pictures or anything like that. There’s an Instagram (@londonlizzy) that was my prison Instagram. I keep it up because that’s who I used to be and that’s the type of pictures I would send the guys. I had to support my heroin habit… Scott supported it and he knew all about it. He gave me money for drugs and he was OK with it. I had other ‘tricks’ that would give me money too, but they didn’t know about my drug habit.” 

“When Sharp entertainment contacted me to do the show, I had options other than Scott but Scott was the one that knew about my heroin habit so I thought he would be the best one. I also picked Scott because I thought this was love since he accepted me for who I am and what I am.” 

Q: What was your relationship like with Scott while you were in prison? 

“I was very honest with Scott, I never lied to him. He knew about my heroin habit and he paid my dope dealers in prison… he knew about the tricks. The crazy thing is that this man didn’t even have groceries in his house to feed his son, but he was sending me money for dope. I didn’t understand that obsession with me. You’re taking food out of your son’s mouth to feed me dope. There’s nothing right about that. I ended up getting money from a ‘trick’ and giving Scott like $300 or $400 to help feed his son. People don’t understand that we actually had a relationship, even if it was messed up.” 

Q: What was your relationship like when you first got out of prison? 

“My first day out of prison was NUTS! First of all, I never really hung out with Scott so I don’t really know this man. And I got to see my daughter there that I haven’t seen in forever… I had all this going on.” 

“When the cameras were off, Scott was a totally different person than he was when the cameras were on. Scott was all over the place and he was VERY controlling. We didn’t have any heart-to-heart conversations about anything. He just wanted to give me all this money. I don’t think he knows how to have a relationship and he thinks that money solves everything… and it doesn’t! I didn’t know anything about him and he was very secretive.” 

Q: What is your reaction to people saying that you made Scott broke and only used him for his money? 

“Everyone says I broke Scott… NO… that man has money. Any type of trick I got was a millionaire. It’s not physically possible that he’s broke.” 

Q: Recently, Scott has posted photo’s and video’s claiming that you want half of what he makes from the show? Can you explain this situation? 

“After season 2, Scott and I broke up. Then off camera I decided that I wanted to get to know him better. After a while, I realized I couldn’t do it anymore and I broke up with him. During the first and second season, I was an inmate so they gave Scott all of the money since they couldn’t legally pay me. He was supposed to give me a certain amount every episode. Well, since I was breaking up with him he said that he wasn’t gonna give me any money. He said that if I wanted my money then I would have to be with him. At this point, I absolutely HATED this man because he was blackmailing me with my own money that I earned. At that point, there was nothing I could do since the money was in Scott’s name. So basically, I had to play nice and be with him in order to get my money. That has all been settled now and I have all of my money.” 

“Scott has recently put on social media that I am suing him for half of his money.  I don’t even know how this is possible because we both made our own money and signed our own contracts for Life After Lockup.” 

Q: Why did you decide to go to California and see Scott? 

“Around February, I stopped talking to Scott completely. I blocked him on all social media and blocked him on everything. I hadn’t talked to him for like 3-4 months and then I randomly show up on his doorstep in California. He had no clue I was coming!” 

“I honestly thought I made a mistake… I tried dating and it didn’t work out. All the men I’ve dated weren’t right so I decided to go to California and try and make it work with Scott.” 

Q: What was your reaction when Scott tried to propose to you again on the beach? 

“What is with this man trying to put rings on my finger?! We haven’t even talked or had any type of conversations and you just wanna throw another ring on my finger! I was fed up at that point! You don’t just keep throwing money at me and throwing rings at me assuming that’s what I want in life.” 

Q: When did you start to have suspicions that Scott was using drugs?

“Honestly, when I first met Scott I thought there was something off with him but I had no proof. I was so happy when Charlene decided to ask me to take a drug test because I knew I was clean, but I had no clue about Scott.” 

Q: Why did Scott not want to take the drug test if he “stopped” using? 

“Scott was not clean, that’s why he wouldn’t take the drug test. I think he was on crystal meth but I still don’t know the answer because he keeps lying.” 

Q: What have you been up to outside of the show? 

“Outside the show,  I am working at Portage Plastics as a material handler. I have my own YouTube channel  (Lizzie Kommes) and I also just started doing cameos! I will be attending college this fall. I am going for a drug and alcohol counselor.”

Don’t miss Lizzie Kommes and Scott Davey on the explosive season finale of Life After Lockup tonight (Friday, August 9) at 9:00pm EST on WEtv!


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