EXCLUSIVE: ‘Texicanas’ Star Anayancy Nolasco Talks MAJOR Drama with Mayra and More!

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Anayancy Nolasco is Feisty & Fabulous!

Bravo’s new show Texicanas follows the lives of six feisty Latin women living in San Antonio, Texas. From family drama to drama in their group of friends, these ladies deal with it ALL! One of the standouts from the series is sassy single Mom Anayancy Nolasco.  Nolasco, who was born in Mexico (Piedras Negras, Coahulia to be exact) and moved to San Antonio for college, is the only lady on the show that hasn’t become a US citizen yet. 

AllAboutTheTea.com caught up with Anayancy Nolasco to get her take on all the Texicanas drama from the season. Check out our exclusive interview below: 

Why did you decide to do Texicanas

Anayancy: “I decided to do the show because I love San Antonio and the multicultural community the show represents. I also feel blessed to use this as a platform to help other women in the future be inspired to pursue their dreams- whatever they may be.” 

Which of the ladies in the group are you closest to?

Anayancy: “Lorena, Karla, Luz, and of course Blanquita.”

What are some things about yourself that you want fans of the show to know? 

Anayancy: “I have a deep passion for women’s well being- this ranges from fitness and to emotional intelligence. I am a single Mom and even though it’s hard work- I am so blessed to have the strength to manage a career, a beautiful sports-minded daughter and a supporting relationship.” 

Out of all the ladies on the show, you are the only one that has yet to become a citizen. Can you tell us more about that struggle and why you felt becoming a citizen was so important? 

Anayancy: My daughter being born in the States and I’m not married… yet! With all the new regulations now I’m afraid how that will impact my qualifications. So becoming a citizen is not an option for me plus I live here and I am blessed to be able to work and be in this country with Ellie.” 

Can you tell us more about your boyfriend and what your relationship is like with him? 

Anayancy: “My boyfriend is wonderful and supportive, especially in my role as a Texicana. He has been very grounding and loving.” 

Anayancy Nolasco

What makes you different than the other ladies on the show? 

Anayancy: I’m the youngest of the group, single mom, feisty and sassy. I keep it real! What you see is what you get and I don’t worry about how I’ll be judged.” 

What was going on between you & Mayra regarding the charity event? 

Anayancy: “When I approached Mayra about my idea for a charity event, I believe that she may have misunderstood my reasoning. I chose the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter because I have had experiences with being abused, verbally.” 

She continued: “I realize that she may have wanted to organize everything, however this is something that I personally wanted to accomplish on my own. People immediately passed judgment thinking that I intentionally meant to hurt her by not including her in my initial contact with the shelter. However, what wasn’t portrayed was the fact that I asked her for the contact information on more than one occasion. I then took the initiative and received the contact information for Martha through another friend. Sometimes, it’s good to stand on your own two feet. I believe that’s what I did.” 

“In my eyes, Mayra is upset because she didn’t receive the glory of the introduction between myself and Martha. However, this is about truly helping out battered women and children within our community. It’s not and should never be about recognition.” 


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